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New series!
City Girl Eats The Country

City Girl Eats The Country transports you to rustic farms and rural homes. City Chef Sara and her trusty sous chef and sidekick, Jewels, aim to prepare a cherished family recipe. Bon appétit meets barnyard bedlam in this comical culinary escapade.

New season!
Ice Canoe

Through encounters with the people who are keeping ice canoeing alive and pushing the limits of the competition, Ice Canoe presents the faces of a sport that’s all about team spirit and dedication. Host Aaron Bass brings a sport that’s unique in the world to life. If you want to conquer the ice floes of the Saint Lawrence River, you can’t get cold feet.

New series!
The Boo Crew

The Boo Crew delves into the inner workings of Canada's own Scarehouse Windsor, located in Windsor, Ontario. Showcasing design, construction, and operation of a haunted attraction, the ‘Crew draw thousands of visitors yearly to their multi-terror haunt, horror-themed bar, and interactive immersive dining experience. And while the scares inside are frightful, the vibrant and dedicated team behind the scenes ensures an unforgettable Halloween experience, year after year.

New series!
Small Town Sins

Small Town Sins, hosted by Laura Tremblay, tells four true crime stories of missing or murdered individuals in the Midland and Penetanguishene areas of Simcoe, Ontario.

New series!
The Roaming Chef

Chef Alex Page wants the freshest ingredients to cook with, so he drives to different farms in the Durham Region area to create meals inspired by what they produce. Alex cooks with milk, lavender, hot peppers, cider, flour and honey all from different sized farms. He packs his own kitchen and sets it up at each location to cook right on site for the hungry farmers.

New series!
Pizza Town

In Pizza Town, childhood friends and hosts Danny & Ozzy reunite in the pizza capital of Canada: Windsor, Ontario. They visit various famous pizzerias across town to indulge in eating pizza, learning how to make it, and find out from the chefs themselves their perspective on what makes Windsor’s pizza so unique and special.

Skateparks: Places to Thrive

Delving into the profound impact of skateparks. Through personal narratives, the series highlights how skateparks provide a safe haven, fostering creativity, physical fitness, and personal growth. Witness the raw energy and inspiring stories that make skateparks in Winnipeg and beyond catalysts for positive change.

Aboriginal In Appearance

Aboriginal in Appearance delves into the rich tapestry of First Nations culture. Through informative and intriguing profiles, the voices and stories of Manitoba’s First Peoples are amplified through a journey of discovery. From art and traditions to personal narratives, this series invites you to embrace the beauty and resilience of Indigenous communities.

Komunidad Winnipeg

Komunidad Winnipeg celebrates Filipino culture and highlights important Filipino community members in Winnipeg. Follow these figures as they take part in different events and give back to the community, learn about their stories along the way.

Cold Hands Warm Heart

Cold Hands Warm Heart is not how to survive one of the harshest winters in the world, but how Manitobans survive. Follow the stories of what Manitoban’s do to stay warm in the coldest times.

Floating After Farley

Filmmakers Martine & Isaac Blue embark on the last chapter of a personal & profound literary odyssey as they sail iconic writer Farley Mowat’s routes along the southern coast of Newfoundland.

Berries For Sale

Berries For Sale is a dramedy about a tiny Newfoundland community facing a resettlement vote. One resident turns to Los Angeles talk show host Bobby Bright to help save the town but the rest of the residents must decide if life in a small town is worth saving.

Phil & Jay Make PAYBACK

Payback follows funny people playing board games. On top of the back and forth battles, each comedian tries to win money for their favourite charities while trying to avoid the A-Frame of Shame.

Apocalyptic Kitchen

In the Apocalyptic Kitchen, Deva is on a mission to prepare the next (and lost) generation and help teach them life skills that they never knew they needed. Think of it as home economics class, but useful!

Flipping the Titans

A real estate broker and his wife take charge of the KW Titans professional basketball team when the owner steps back in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and staggeringly low crowd attendance.

Shutterspeed Photography Challenge

The Shutterspeed Photography Challenge is the ultimate test for any photographer. Join host Mark Hemmings as six competitors try their hand at the essentials of photography in order to be named the winner of the contest and snag the grand prize.

Let’s Gentrify Hamilton

Comedian and recent homeowner Adam Niebergall is on a mission to single handedly gentrify Hamilton, even if it makes everyone hate him.

The Community Players

The Community Players is back with a larger than life second season. When the Courthouse Theatre is under threat of being turned into condos, the Community Players must band together to raise $100,000 to save their theatre.