Kespukwitk Kwitn - Canoe Roots

City: Atlantic
Producer: Melissa Labrador & Eliza Knockwood
Genre: Docuseries

Climate change is threatening the existence of traditional Mi’kmaq birch bark canoe building knowledge. Twelve year-old Labrador twins, Tepkunaset and Nakuset, follow closely in the footsteps of their mother, Melissa, and grandfather, Todd, as the next generation to carry the knowledge into the future.

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Episode 1 - Connecting Ancestral Roots

Todd Labrador, Mi’kmaq from the Kespukwitk District of Mi’kma’ki and master birch bark canoe builder shares traditional ecological knowledge along side canoe knowledge to his grandchildren, twins Tepkunaset and Nakuset, with the help of his daughter, Melissa.

Episode 2 - Preservation of Birch Bark Canoe for Future Generations

Sharing the knowledge of canoe building is a priority for the Labrador’s as they showcase their skills and knowledge for the world to see on their traditional family lands within the Kejimkujik National Park.

Episode 3 - Birch Bark Canoe building and Climate Change impacts

Climate change poses a challenge for the birch bark canoe builders to race against time to harvest birch bark when the opportunity presents itself. As the traditional rules to when to harvest are becoming obsolete, the real threat to this traditional craft is becoming apparent.

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