City: Winnipeg
Producer: Ivan Hughes
Genre: Outdoor Adventures

Flatlanders explores how climbers living in a flat province, Manitoba, feed their obsession for climbing. From building steep, overhanging structures to joining climbing gyms to climb, these climbers never run out of ideas to keep their passion alive.

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Episode 1 - The Origins

Take a journey back in time and learn about the origins of the Alpine Club of Canada, which began in Winnipeg. Meet the climbers that developed the crags nearby and built the gyms that are popular today.

Episode 2 - The Ice

Next to a frozen river and within sight of downtown Winnipeg is the Alpine Club’s ice tower, a 60-foot pyramid of sheer vertical ice that takes countless hours of volunteer effort to build each winter.

Episode 3 - The Gym

Winnipeg’s climbing gyms are filling quickly with climbers looking to train, find community and compete against others. Whether climbers want to climb long routes, boulder on short difficult problems or learn the skills to get outside, anything can be done.

Episode 4 - The Obsession

When climbers have an obsession and they live in a flat province, they must get creative to feed it. As a result, they build structures, explore new areas and even ascend the buildings and bridges near their homes.

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