Faulconbridge’s Falling Down

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Patrick Coppolino
Genre: Comedy

Promising a fantastical milieu of silliness and featuring many of Hamilton’s emerging talents and treasures, Faulconbridge’s Falling Down will have you gawking at catastrophe, rooting for the underdog and appreciating the smart, sharp comedy from wit master Scott Faulconbridge.

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Episode 1 - Pools, Concierges & Zombies

Scott has a pool party and Manolis loves the hot dogs. Ashley uses a spacious restaurant washroom and the experience leaves her unsatisfied. Scott runs a writer’s pitch meeting for the show in the aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Episode 2 - Fiddlesticks, Fire & the Booze Luge

An old man has a garage sale and the books are well priced. Scott, Pat and Ash set up a Zoom meeting to take Manolis’ pitches. Bar patrons discuss the exciting possibility of an Olympics in Hamilton.

Episode 3 - Tiny prostate roof pants

An intervention is organized for Scott. Manolis helps Scott with his headache just before he has to go on stage to perform. A television show from the 90’s looks at the corrupt world of Hamilton contractors.

Episode 4 - 99 Bagel Dreams

A Toronto couple is welcomed when they move into a quiet, nameless town just outside of Brantford. Ash sings a song about Bagels. Scott and Pat discover something new about themselves.

Episode 5 - Deviants, Felonies & Xenoestrogens

Go back in time for a look at Hamilton Comedy in the 1970’s. Pat helps Scott use a new computer application. Scott shows up for a friendly game of poker but finds out he has a lot to learn.

Episode 6 - Creamy dictator pickles

Scott tries to watch a hockey game in a bar. Scott, Pat, Ash and Jess are enjoying a glass of wine to celebrate a fun season of Falling Down and are joined by an unexpected critter.

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