Designed by Us

City: Ottawa
Producer: Trésor Lubamba
Genre: Docuseries

Designed by Us follows the professional lives of three fashion designers. While creating a new garment for clients and models, diverse fabrics from around the world are uncovered.

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Episode 1

Get introduced to our three designers: Arif, Shiho, and Frank. Learn about their background and studies and the reasons why they decided to become fashion designers.

Episode 2

Shiho Sakane, designer and owner of Tennyo Design, is joined by her assistants in her sewing studio. Tamono fabrics are used to create her new clothing collection for her upcoming fashion show.

Episode 3

Frank Sukho, designer and owner of Sukho Boutique, discusses chiffon and organza fabrics and creates an evening dress for his client’s wedding party.

Episode 4

Arif Lalani, a fashion designer, walks us through his digital design process while his friend joins him in his sewing studio, Denim fabrics are used to create his new apparel collection for his upcoming photo shoot.

Episode 5

During a photoshoot, Arif, Shiho and Frank share the garments they have made throughout the series.

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