Abandoned Manitoba

City: Winnipeg
Director: Gordon Goldsborough, Graham Street & Shaun Cameron
Genre: Entertainment

Join local author and historian, Gordon Goldsborough, as he unearths the stories behind some of Manitoba’s least known historic sites.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Negrych Homestead

In 1899, the Negrychs built a house like the ones in their Ukrainian homeland. Their descendants lived ‘off the grid’ in it into the 1990s.

Episode 2 - Paulson Bombing and Gunnery School

This base trained pilots, gunners, and observers for service overseas during WWII. Remains of its runways, roads, and buildings are still readably visible.

Episode 3 - Fallout Reporting Posts

At the height of the Cold War, underground bunkers were built across Canada to monitor radiation levels after a nuclear bombing. We find and explore two of them.

Episode 4 - Holmfield Flour Mill

A mill at Holmfield was built to grind locally-grown wheat into flour. With all its machinery intact inside, the mill is the oldest one in western Canada.

Episode 5 - Flat Warehouse

Before there were grain elevators there were flat warehouses. We follow the last flat warehouse on the prairies as it moves to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Kanuchuan Generating Station

Gordon and his team visits a former mine site on Elk Island and explored two steel transmission towers that had once carried electricity to the mine, now forgotten in the forest and topped by eagle nests.

Episode 2 - The Forgotten Ski Hill

In the 1930s, scores of skiers enjoyed a day on the slopes in the Pembina River Valley near the town of La Riviere. The site was abandoned in 1959 when a new facility opened a short distance away. Gordon and his team slogged through deep snow to find the one remaining ski slope in the area.

Episode 3 - The Winter Vaults of Manitoba

Gordon and his team visits winter vaults in Transcona and Winnipeg and takes a close look at the one at Melita, built in 1908, and examines its structural features that were characteristic of these historic buildings.

Episode 4 - The Underground Alley

Closed in 2001, Thunderbird Lanes was gutted and the building has been sitting empty for 22 years. Water has seeped in from above, flooding the former bowling lanes, and turning the former hotspot into a dark, damp, quiet, and generally creepy place.

Episode 5 - Port Nelson on Hudson Bay

The First World War forced Port Nelson to be shut down before it was finished and abandonment of the site was advised. Gordon and his team visits the remains of Port Nelson, including a massive dredge that lies broken across one of its seawalls.

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