The Town Clown

City: Atlantic
Director: Brenda Malley
Genre: Comedy

The Town Clown tells the story of Leon Watt, a quirky, middle-aged man whose side gig as a Clown is his only source of pride. When he hits rock bottom after a stint of unemployment and a life changing diagnosis, Leon, along with his family, works hard to overcome these obstacles.

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Episode 1

Leon performs as Pablo the Clown at a child’s birthday party, and has a particular connection with a young child, Raymond.

Episode 2

Leon further exacerbates his relationship with Neenie who, out of concern for their financial situation and Leon’s lack of motivation to find work, is unable to peak Leon’s interest in a job opportunity that she discovers.

Episode 3

Confronted by his brother-in-law, Jack, for not showing up at a job interview that Jack had arranged with Nally Insurance Leon reluctantly agrees to follow up.

Episode 4

After losing his job at Nally insurance, Leon is at the receiving end of Neenie’s wrath. In response, he secures work as a supply teacher, which only concerns Neenie more given Leon’s challenges.

Episode 5

When Leon and Neenie receive a visit from Sgt. Edgar Campbell, Neenie learns for the first time of the school incident. As a result, he is once again unemployed. This is the final straw for Neenie, who has Leon leave the home.

Episode 6

Leon, dressed as Pablo the Clown, leaves an event one evening and is assaulted by two men. Despite efforts by Neenie to find out who committed the assaults, Leon refuses to say.

Episode 7

Leon, released from the hospital, returns to his apartment. Motivated by his dire circumstances and a desperate to do better for the sake of his family, he tries out employment counselling.

Episode 8

Leon visits Raymond following the loss of his mother and takes the opportunity to gain insight and understanding into Raymond’s motivation for his longstanding animosity towards he and his son.

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