What Odds

City: Atlantic
Director: Ruth Lawrence & Renée Hackett
Genre: Comedy

Desperate to prove she is not a failure, she faces her deep-seated fears and low self-worth in a journey to find happiness. If only she wasn’t her own worst enemy! This is the story of Betty, a woman who needs to learn to love herself.

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Episode 1 - If at first you don’t succeed

A debaucherous 45th birthday, followed by an awkward encounter with a flame, fuels Betty ‘s desperation to book the gig of a lifetime.

Episode 2 - What goes around

Betty botches a life-changing opportunity, but things start to look up when someone from her past makes an enticing offer.

Episode 3 - If you can’t stand the heat

Betty struggles to impress while learning the ropes at a new job, but things start to look up when she books a dream gig.

Episode 4 - What doesn’t kill you

A dream gig turns out to be less than perfect, but the nightmare ends with joy when a new buddy shows up.

Episode 5 - No offense, but…

A humiliating audition pushes Betty to stand up for herself revealing her true feelings in an unlikely showdown at work.

Episode 6 - You can lead a horse to water

Betty recognizes herself in a random stranger. A life changing opportunity comes from the least likely source, but will Betty get in her own way?

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