City: Atlantic
Director: Koumbie & Taylor Olson
Genre: Comedy

Aisha and Aiden's journey through friendship, romance, and the unexpected surprises of life forms the heartwarming core of this charming story that reminds us that even amidst chaos, love always finds a way.

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Episode 1

Aisha and Aiden find themselves at a lively New Year's Eve party, surrounded by joyful chaos and unwanted attention. As they navigate conversations about marriage, love, and societal expectations, their playful banter reveals their complex perspectives on the institution of marriage.

Episode 2

Aisha and Aiden celebrate their anniversary with Aiden's meticulously planned outdoor movie night. As their banter-filled interactions unfold under the starlit sky, Aisha struggles to suppress her annoyance while Aiden's grand gesture doesn't go as smoothly as he hoped.

Episode 3

Aisha surprises Aiden with a puppy for his birthday, hoping to take their relationship to the next level. However, Aiden's fears of inadequacy, commitment, and the potential for loss lead to an amusing yet introspective journey of self-discovery.

Episode 4

"In 'Sexy Times,' Aisha and Aiden find themselves on Valentine's Day contemplating the idea of exploring an open relationship and potentially involving others in their romantic lives. As they navigate the world of dating apps and discuss the possibilities, their humorous conversations lead them to a deeper understanding of their own relationship dynamics. Ultimately, they realize that their unique connection, humor, and monogamous bond are what truly make them perfect for each other, reaffirming their commitment in a heartwarming yet hilarious way.

Episode 5

Aisha and Aiden engage in a playful prank war that leads to unexpected surprises and heartfelt revelations. As they navigate a series of hilarious pranks, they also find themselves reflecting on their relationship and considering the prospect of marriage and parenthood.

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