Shane Dreams of Sweet Corn

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Graeme Bachiu
Genre: Docuseries

As the only black farmer outside Caledonia, Ontario, Shane McLeod faces challenges as he attempts to diversify by growing a lucrative crop of sweet corn.

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Episode 1

In the winter, Shane McLeod walks the land of his farm in the rolling hills near Caledonia, Ontario and plots where he’ll plant the crop of sweet corn he’ll grow.. He reflects on how he came to farming as well as some of the challenges he’s faced as the only Black farmer in the area.

Episode 2

As Shane begins his growing season, he discusses some of the challenges modern farmers face. Will he be able to grow his sweet corn crop and make some extra money in the summer or will it be an expensive failure?

Episode 3

In the early summer Shane contends with a drought which puts additional stresses on his finances. His plan is to irrigate the crop to make up for the lack of rain and his wife Nicole is concerned about the amount of effort that’s being put in on the sweet corn crop.

Episode 4

The big day has arrived. The first day to cut, harvest and sell Shane’s sweet corn crop is here and he’s stoked. Can he harvest his crop quick enough to satisfy his customers without sacrificing freshness and quality?

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