Pizza Town

City: Windsor
Producer: Oswaldo Quiroz
Genre: Food

In Pizza Town, childhood friends and hosts Danny & Ozzy reunite in the pizza capital of Canada: Windsor, Ontario. They visit various famous pizzerias across town to indulge in eating pizza, learning how to make it, and find out from the chefs themselves their perspective on what makes Windsor’s pizza so unique and special.

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Episode 1 - Capri Pizzeria in South Windsor

Chef Kevin walks through the making of the large “Good Night Pizza. Kevin’s staff teaches Danny and Ozzy on how to properly knead and proof a dough, and even tossing up the dough in the air. Ozzy and Danny challenge Kevin to a pizza dough contest, on who can eye ball the weight of a dough.

Episode 2 - Armandos in Amherstburg chef Dean

Dean, crowned Canada's top pizza chef in 2019 at Armando's Pizza, shares his pizza passion and insights with Danny and Ozzy. He demonstrate his expertise on crafting pizzas bursting with sophisticated flavours and textures.

Episode 3 - Oven 360 in Tecumseh Chef Remo

Chef Remo is behind Oven 360. He takes on the role of a mentor, explaining to hosts Danny and Ozzy on the rich history of the Margherita pizza, tracing its origins back to a queen. To preserve authenticity, he imports crucial ingredients from Italy, ensuring memorable taste experience.

Episode 4 - Antoninos in South Windsor Chef Joe

Chef Joe of Antonino's Original Pizza embarked on his culinary journey before he could even take his first steps. Imbibing the art from his parents, particularly his father who inaugurated South Windsor's pioneer pizzeria in the 1950s.

Episode 5 - Arcata Pizzeria chef Bob

Chef Bob's journey in the world of pizza commenced the very instant he set foot in Canada. Fueled by determination, he embarked on an educational journey, mastering both the craft and the business, ultimately realizing his dream of owning a restaurant.

Episode 6 - OG Pizza in Cottam chef Dustin

Chef Dustin, the pizza virtuoso turned owner, unveils the secrets of crafting the legendary traditional Windsor pie. From delivery guy to pizza maestro, he spills the sauce on his journey.

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