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Dean & Jean Make a Cooking Show

Dean is a headstrong Canadian TV producer and Jean is a strong-willed chef from Thailand. Together, they attempt to make a cooking show about Thai food. There's just one challenge: they're husband and wife. Follow Dean and Jean, in front and behind the cameras, as they navigate their egos, cultural differences, and their marriage to make a cooking show!

New season!
Pink Is In

The insanity continues at Chatsworth, the most dysfunctional women’s prison on the planet. The administration continues to lose control of the unruly inmates. Don’t despair, it’s still a fun hang!

New series!
County Blooms

County Blooms celebrates flower growers, creators, designers and more. Join host Jen Pogue and visit the farms, gardens, shops, and studios run by talented flower pros across Peterborough County.

New series!

Each episode of BrawlStars re-enacts a real life fight, punched up with movie magic. A high-octane mix of stunt choreography and dynamic interviews with the heroic Canadians who lived to tell the tales.

New season!
Our Stories

Our Stories amplifies the voices and experiences of marginalized people, providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their perspectives, opinions, and struggles. Through intimate interviews and personal narratives, this series seeks to challenge societal norms, promote empathy and understanding, and create meaningful dialogue around issues of social justice and equality.

New season!
Stoney Lonesome

Every city has a Stoney Lonesome. It’s that part of town that’s on the wrong side of the tracks but the right side of life. There’s less money, less infrastructure, and less gluten free bread. But there’s a seat at the One One tavern for anyone who cares to join.


With his career on the line, an angry ex boss and a mother who doesn't want him living with her, Nathan is back to figuring out his next move in Trapped.

Calendar for a Cause

Discover a group of models-to-be as they get an opportunity to take part in a makeover and subsequent modelling shoot in support of a cause, charity or community issue with which they have a deep, personal connection.

Teenage Fever

Teenage Fever follows three teenagers Liv, Seb and Millie, the dynamic of their relationships and the pressures they face to find their way and not succumb to others’ expectations. It's also a show about friendship, love, dreaming and taking chances.

Questionable Taste

Actor Ray Galletti loves to cook and entertain. Join him for Season 2 as he welcomes celebrity guests to the QT Kitchen in Peterborough, Ontario as they attempt to recreate one of the guest’s favourite recipes using some local ingredients, great conversation and a few laughs along the way.

Real Faces

Real Faces is a show about larger than life people. Their stories are joyful, tragic, strange and sincere. They range from the exhilarating to the horrifying. We interview people like MMA Fighters, Drag Queens, Soldiers, Refugees and Residential School Survivors.

ATV Heroes

ATV Heroes sets out to visit the rural regions of New Brunswick and meet the ATV Heroes that make the trail system possible.

PB with J

Filmmaker Jeremy LaLonde visits restaurants and businesses that offer plant-based alternatives and invites you back into his kitchen to show you how easy it is to introduce healthy delicious, comforting and often decadent plant-based meals and treats into your menu.

Flipping the Titans

A real estate broker and his wife take charge of the KW Titans professional basketball team when the owner steps back in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and staggeringly low crowd attendance.

1 Man’s Treasure

Legendary comedian Ron James decides to give up his life as a stand-up comedian to pursue his true passion as a treasure hunter. With a map he found hidden in an old boat, the fearless joke smith turned adventurer is now determined to uncover the long-lost treasure of Oak Island.

Ghost Kitchens

Angie St. Mars searches Winnipeg’s ghost kitchens for a spirit willing to judge her supernatural cooking competition. Although ghost kitchens aren’t typically for literal ghosts, Angie is prepared to enlist a team of paranormal experts to help reach a determination when three chefs will compete for the title of Greatest Ghost Kitchen Chef.

Mike Dawe - Setting His Own Limits

Mike Dawe’s life suddenly changed forever when he is diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Determined to fight for his survival, he sets out to train for a marathon during his chemotherapy and set his own limits. Following along Mike’s journey from the diagnosis all the way through the treatments and the races in between.

Mi Nombre es Alex

Mi Nombre es Alex travels from rural Nova Scotia to the streets of Guatemala, where Alexander Chisholm Guibault’s story began as a young boy named Jésus who was born into poverty. Today, he lived to tell the tale and is now a Canadian adoptee. How he survived is a story of hope, perseverance, and love.

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