Best Summer Camp Ever

City: Atlantic
Director: Louise Lalonde
Genre: Kids & Family
Host: Shannon Shura

Rain or shine, summer camp can be a life-changing experience. Take a tour of some of these camps in PEI where making food, nurturing mental health, creating music, and loving horses are all at the forefront.

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Episode 1 - Did Someone Say Brownies?

Kids are cooking at the Culinary Institute of Canada, although trends come and go, cooking is here to stay, and these budding young chefs are learning to respect the knife, knead the dough and bake a batch of killer brownies.

Episode 2 - Happy Trails

Ventures Stables Horse Camp – There’s no mucking about at Ventures Stables where kids of all ages learn some very important life lessons in the guise of having fun riding and caring for horses.

Episode 3 - For the Love of Music

Island Rock Camp – Kids are often encouraged to dream big, and Andrew and Nikki Waite are making sure that if that dream is making music, they will help set the stage for these talented kids to succeed.

Episode 4 - Kids at Play

Camp Triumph – A place where kids can be just kids for a week as they set aside their family health challenges under the guidance of seasoned counsellors. Set in picturesque Malpeque Bay, where the sand meets the sky and you can kick back and listen to the birds chirping.

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