A Fervent Pull

City: Atlantic
Producer: John Maher
Producer Director: Colleen Furlotte
Starring: Melvin Perez, Danica Sherry & Rodney Steeves
Genre: Docuseries

A Fervent Pull introduces three extraordinary small town New Brunswickers whose unwavering commitment to a passion has defined their lives. Hailing from humble Albert County, the subjects include a surfer of the famed Petitcodiac River tidal bore, an artistic portrait photographer whose signature style has earned her international accolades, and a volunteer trail keeper who tends laboriously to a special section of the Trans Canada Trail.

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Episode 1 - Water Rider

Melvin Perez boldly surfs the Petitcodiac River’s breathtaking tidal bore, exciting spectators and drawing attention to this powerful body of water, now healing after decades of damage resulting from a causeway that choked the river’s natural flow. His move from Costa Rica to Canada has resulted in a ten-years-and-counting adventure on the water and widespread international media coverage of his riding this unique and sometimes dangerous wave.

Episode 2 - Captured by Light

Danica Sherry is an award-winning artistic portrait photographer whose signature creations have been exhibited internationally and featured in publications such as Vogue Italia. Working with natural light in a style reminiscent of a Vemeer painting, she began to lull us into another world. One where time stands still.

Episode 3 - Rod’s Way

Always accompanied by his little canine girl Frankie, Rodney Steeves works quietly and steadily behind the scenes, carrying out hours of backbreaking work, year-round, to help maintain the beautiful Dobson Trail hiking path. Pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt and rock, traveling kilometers into the woods over exposed roots and uneven ground, Rodney fortifies and fills to make the trail safe for the public to enjoy.

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