1 Man’s Treasure

City: Atlantic
Producer: Lynn Harvey
Starring: Ron James
Genre: Comedy

Legendary comedian Ron James decides to give up his life as a stand-up comedian to pursue his true passion as a treasure hunter. With a map he found hidden in an old boat, the fearless joke smith turned adventurer is now determined to uncover the long-lost treasure of Oak Island.

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Episode 1 - The Map

While Ron preps for his journey he bumps into an old colleague who questions the authenticity of his treasure map. Nervous it’s a fake, Ron has the map inspected by a historian who tells him something he never wanted to hear.

Episode 2 - Detour

Before his first excursion, Ron brags about how well he knows the roads of Nova Scotia. But when his phone dies, he must rely on his innate sense of direction, turning a short drive into a never-ending voyage.

Episode 3 - The Trek

While his doc-crew are away for a hip-hop folk festival, Ron ventures out on his own to find the treasure of Oak Island. With nothing but a camera, compass, and a 300-year-old map, Ron quickly gets lost deep in the woods.

Episode 4 - The Offer

Ron’s manager Bobby is horrified to learn his client is giving up show business to hunt for treasure. Desperate to have his client reconsider, Bobby offers Ron a big payday gig.

Episode 5 - Breaking Ground

Ron is finally about to crack soil, but a municipal officer stops his excavation, informing him he’s on a wildlife preserve. Undeterred, Ron tries to use his notoriety in hopes of jumping this new bureaucratic hurdle.

Episode 6 - Treasure

After receiving a one-day pass to dig on the wildlife preserve, Ron finally has a chance to uncover his treasure. But he quickly realizes he’ll need more than his cheap shovel to unearth his prize and time is running out.

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