Apocalyptic Kitchen

City: Halifax
Director: Jacob Rafuse
Starring: Deva Station
Genre: Food

Welcome to the Apocalyptic Kitchen with Deva Station, everyone’s favourite Auntie. Over the last few years, Deva has noticed that the young people of today wouldn’t know what to do if an apocalypse hit. In the Apocalyptic Kitchen, Deva is on a mission to prepare the next (and lost) generation and help teach them life skills that they never knew they needed. Think of it as home economics class, but useful!

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Season 1

Episode 1

Taking you back to the basics with delicious simple recipes. Roasted tomato and garlic soup, artisan bread, and creamy garlic parmesan spread is everything you need to keep your belly full in case you have to run from zombies!

Episode 2

Everything you need to know about Orchid Care. Come hang out with Auntie Deva as she shows you how to take care of her babies.

Episode 3

Easy DIY projects that can instantly transform any space. Auntie Deva fixes a hole in the ceiling, transforms a wall on a limited budget, and lights up the room with a gorgeous fixture... all while never breaking a nail.

Episode 4

Auntie Deva discovers that 24-year-old Jesse is in desperate need of life skills after seeing his messy room!

Episode 5

Quick, easy, and wildly flavorful, the recipes in this episode will soon become a staple when entertaining guests.

Episode 6

Deva teaches how make your own body form based on your own dimensions so your style can become as individual as you are.

Season 2

Episode 1 - BBQ Boot Camp

Auntie Deva teaches the children all the essentials for a classic BBQ. With Sweet & Sticky Ribs, delicious Potato Salad and mouth watering Strawberry Margaritas.

Episode 2 - Survival recipes with Jesse

So we started off making pizza but then …things went sideways. In the end happy accidents in the kitchen make the best meals. Don’t forget the Donair sauce!

Episode 3 - Garlands

We’re famous for our garlands. Let auntie Deva spill the T on her secrets. Watch Deva take a stroll in nature for supplies unaccompanied and without her phone. Luckily our mystery guest found her!

Episode 4 - Mac N Cheese

Did someone say Cheese? This is actually the continuation of episode 2 because Jesse didn’t get his Mac N Cheese or Spaghetti & Meatballs. Sick as Jesse was mommy had to make sure her child was taken care of. She makes her heart stopping Mac N Cheese and the perfect 10 minute meal.

Episode 5 - IT’S CALLED POT PUDDING PEOPLE! And it’s vegan.

Deva tries to show Jesse how to make the perfect pudding out of Cashews no less but finds her Ninja broke (body still not found). Luckily she always has a spare. Followed up with the perfect mini-cheesecakes. What the (BEEP) is Lingonberry?

Episode 6 - Meet Connor!

I’m not sure this one is gonna make it! Mommy shows them and amazing upgrade to a classic recipe. This is a no calories episode (WINK,WINK).

Episode 7 - ​Jesse is playing with power tools! - I KNOW RIGHT!

Deva is terrified as she tries to show Jesse how to use power tools as she is not sure of her insurance deductible! A real time saving spray paint hack. Deva builds a charging Station for a birthday present...maybe. She promises Jake it was for herbs but we know she is lying!

Episode 8 - Bougie on a budget

Poor Jesse’s apartment looks like like a frat house and this is just not acceptable. Deva uses her Dollar store fabulosity skills to help Jesse not look like a frat boy. Mommy’s children will NOT live like this…. I have a brand to protect!

Season 3

Episode 1 - Deva, Axes & Zombies

Auntie Deva enlists the help of Paul from Halimac Axe Throwing to teach her the skills she needs to take on the zombies.

Episode 2 - The kids want family dinner

Deva puts her unique twist on some old favourites with meatloaf, twice-baked potatoes, glazed carrots and delicious apple roll-ups.

Episode 3 - Breakfast Pizza

Watch as Deva shows two variations on breakfast pizza that will leave your mouth watering.

Episode 4 - Cooking with Elle

Deva and Elle make delicious deep fried bananas, scrumptious bruschetta, a feta cheese bake and an incredible twist on making nachos.

Episode 5 - Deva gets all the “T” on Tea with Phil

Deva meets Phil from World Tea House, who may have special teas that help the kids fight off zombie attacks.

Episode 6 - Deva, Julie & JD SHORE Rum

Deva visits Julie at the JD Shore distillery to get some advice on what drinks to serve her out of town guests.

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