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About Us

Since 2012, TV1 has been shining a light on stories not being told anywhere else. By supporting local creators, we help bring those stories to life.

2023 at a glance

24 Communities

$8.9M Funding provided

220 Creators

Our story:
TV1, Bell Canada’s community TV network

TV1 is dedicated to delivering original content, made from the community and by the community. Proud of being your destination for local programming, showcasing unique stories and experiences.

Our goal:
To give a voice to and celebrate local stories.

TV1 gives a unique look at the people and places that shape our communities. As a result, smaller regions are given the spotlight, allowing their creative voices to be heard and for their stories to be seen. This also gives the opportunity for the shows to be produced by local and passionate visionaries with the goal of showcasing communities to a wider audience.

Meet our team:
The passionate group that keeps TV1 running every single day.

TV1 has a team with diverse backgrounds, including producers, editors, marketers, and designers. They are expert collaborators as a result of their combined experience in broadcast news, concept and script development, editing, colour correction, marketing campaigns, and television. TV1 has been a long-time advocate and platform for independent creators and knows what it takes to push a production over the finish line.