Abandoned NL

City: Atlantic
Director: Wes Holmes
Genre: Outdoor Adventures
Host: Cordelia Richards & Brianna Follett

Join Cord and Bri as they adventure all over Newfoundland to explore some of the most interesting, abandoned places that the province has to offer. With lots of laughs, great stories, and spooky adventures to be shared along the way, Abandoned NL is a celebration of the province’s rich history and culture.

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Episode 1 - Trinity Loop

Bri and Cord explore the old Trinity Loop, an abandoned amusement park in Trinity, Newfoundland. Not much is left to the park but some creepy cabins, abandoned park rides, an old petting zoo… join our hosts as they venture into the creepy amusement park to find what remains.

Episode 2 - Buchans

Bri and Cord set out to explore some of the old mining buildings in the town of Buchans. Very quickly, the two hosts discover that they’ve just walked into a time capsule.

Episode 3 - Stephenville

Bri and Cord are on the west coast of Newfoundland in Stephenville. Now long forgotten by the American military, the hosts explore the abandoned airplane hangars which still remain some of the largest structures in the town of Stephenville.

Episode 4 - Argentia

Bri and Cord explore Argentia, the former site of the largest American military base in North America during the second world war. Though decades have passed, remnants of the base still remain. Bri and Cord are on an adventure in the bunkers to determine what hidden artifacts, if any, are left behind.

Episode 5 - Red Cliff Air Force station

Join our hosts Bri and Cord as they explore the Red Cliff Air Force Station. Built by the Americans, some of these old structures remain standing to this day. Bri and Cord head out to Logy Bay to uncover what is left of the old radar station.

Episode 6 - Harbour Grace

Bri and Cord embark on a spooky adventure in Harbour Grace. The hosts explore some of the old buildings in town that have been abandoned for years. They visit a mysterious gravesite that is rumored to be the final resting place of a real pirate who once sailed the seas near the historic town of Harbour Grace.

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