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Angler’s Appetite

City: Halifax
Director: Tim Myers
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Matt Szeto

Angler’s Appetite follows professional fishing guide and passionate home-chef; Matt Szeto, on his fishing and outdoor culinary adventures throughout Nova Scotia. From brook trout in Cape Breton to flounder and mackerel along the coast, join Matt on his pursuit to quell his Angler’s Appetite.

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Episode 1

There’s nothing like brook trout, fresh from the river; especially in Spring. Matt seeks out Nova Scotia’s provincial fish and cooks up a riverside treat as well as the ultimate drive home breakfast to end the trip.

Episode 2

Matt joins local guides Shan and Sali Cunningham in pursuit of flounder to make his favourite fish dish; Cantonese steamed flounder.

Episode 3

Matt targets chain pickerel, a local invasive species. A fish with a bad reputation that is top quality table fare. Then he whips up tailgate fish cakes and a mouth-watering shore lunch.

Episode 4

Striped bass are extremely sought after in Nova Scotia, both as a sport and food fish. In this episode Matt heads to Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Strait to put some striped bass in the cooler and maybe have one for lunch too.

Episode 5

Matt joins professional chef and guide; Sean Laceby, in the Annapolis Valley for some Fall white perch fishing and an amazing meal to finish.

Episode 6

Matt heads to Cape Breton, this time in search of escapee rainbow trout to finish of the season. Join Matt as he showcases these delicious, versatile and easily accessible fish, in a scenic shore lunch and an East Coast trout chowder.

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