A Guitar for Pascale

City: Quebec City
Director: Thomas Rinfret
Genre: Music
Host: Pascale Picard & Michel Pellerin

Follow the construction of a guitar alongside the life and music of Pascale Picard. Master luthier Michel Pellerin meticulously crafts the instrument, immersing himself in the pursuit of perfection for Pascale's musical journey.

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Episode 1 - In the Beginning

Witness the inception of a unique collaboration between Pascale Picard and master luthier Michel Pellerin. Simultaneously, Pascale shares anecdotes showcasing her deep attachment to guitars and their pivotal role in her life.

Episode 2 - What Used to Be

Delve into the heart of Pascale Picard's past by exploring the significance of the guitars that have played crucial roles in her life. Simultaneously, master luthier Michel Pellerin embarks on a crucial step in crafting Pascale's guitar.

Episode 3 - Opening for Paul

Pascale goes on a nostalgic journey, recalling the most special moment in her musical odyssey – the exhilarating experience of being the opening act for Paul McCartney. Her vivid recollections are interwoven with the profound role guitars have played in shaping her life and career.

Episode 4 - The Future Looks Bright

Pascale prepares for a show in a remarkably intimate venue, emphasizing the profound resonance of great instruments in these cozy settings. Michel personally goes to meet Pascale, delivering her instrument in a profoundly touching manner.

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