City: Hamilton-Niagara
Director: Terrance Odette
Genre: Comedy

In a sloppy attempt to straighten out and fly right, Bike takes on a job running errands for a shady real estate lawyer. Becoming the only witness to a drive-by shooting, Bike’s ambiguously skewed moral compass goes topsy-turvy when he may be endangering everyone in his life, including his daughter and her mother.

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Episode 1 - The Bicycle Thieves

Out collecting bottles, Bike barely escapes a beating. Then after running into Keith, Bike meets Francis, who after some heavy drinking, hires a Bike for a few errands.

Episode 2 - The Sweet Smell of Success

After Francis outfits Bike with a new cellphone and has him covertly snap some photos of a certain man and woman. Later, Bike senses his new boss might not be just a simple real estate lawyer.

Episode 3 - Only Angels Have Wings

Bike decides to rent a bicycle (sort of) to deliver an envelope up on the escarpment for Francis. Later, he casually drops by Debra's house to leave another gift for Shay.

Episode 4 - The Wrong Man

With Francis on life support, Bike is approached by Trudy, a lawyer and Francis’ ex-wife. When he takes her up on her offer of pro bono services, Bike realizes Trudy seems more interested in the envelope.

Episode 5 - Double Indemnity

Seeking advice from his trusted friend and fence for his stolen bicycles, Bike has a near encounter with Shay when she walks into the bike shop looking for a new bicycle.

Episode 6 - No Way Out

After a lousy night's sleep followed by a nasty run-in with Keith, Bike visits Francis in the hospital for some sober advice. He then tells Trudy that he has one demand, knowing that Trudy means business.

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