Creepy Cape Breton

City: Atlantic
Director: Dawn Wells
Genre: Entertainment

This series features incredible stories of ghosts and the unexplained as told by the people of Cape Breton Island. Narrated by Dawn Wells, a Mi’kmaq documentary filmmaker and ghost hunter who is looking for the answers to mysteries within her own rich culture.

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Episode 1 - Hatman

Mysterious encounters with a strange entity known as Hatman have been reported around the world. Host Dawn Wells visits three people who were profoundly affected by encounters with Hatman. Is this entity real? What are its intentions?

Episode 2 - UFO

Dawn Wells explores three stories about possible UFO encounters throughout the region dating back to the 1970s. After hearing these stories, Dawn contemplates what she previously thought about UFOs and their existence.

Episode 3 - Ghost Captain

Dawn explores one of the oldest churches in Sydney, with a ghostly backstory of a British Naval officer. A historic interpreter shares his stories about strange activities at the church during working hours.

Episode 4 - Rez Phantoms

A young woman shares her terrifying confrontation with a crying phantom at a Mi’kmaq reserve in Cape Breton, while a man recalls his strange childhood encounter with a phantom he believes to be a Wiklatmu'j.

Episode 5 - Bigfoot Kukwes

Dawn Wells speaks with three men who had possible encounters with Bigfoot or Kukwes as the Mi’kmaq know them. Two fishermen describe multiple incidents while fishing at night and another man captures footage on his phone of an unexplained creature.

Episode 6 - Miners Ghost

Dawn Wells meets up with the curator of a miner's museum that is said to be haunted. The miner describes an incredible premonition he had beforehand and Dawn follows up by conducting a ghost hunt.

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