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Real Food Stories

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Genre: Food

Real Food Stories explores the current state of the food system and the people who are combatting issues of toxicity and environmental degradation.

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Episode 1 - Ethical Farming

Tim Livingstone is a soil biology expert. He walks us through the dangers of modern agriculture and how to fix them.

Episode 2 - Food Forest

Andrew has designed the St. Mary’s Food Forest. He aims to reinvent agriculture, to make it as low-effort and restorative as possible.

Episode 3 - Microgreens

Adam Nice runs Nice Family Farm, a small microgreens operation he operates out of his home. Microgreens are freshly sprouted vegetables, which are harvested before they can mature.

Episode 4 - Sea Buckthorn

Beth and Clay co-own a sea buckthorn farm. Sea Buckthorn is a rare berry that is one of the most nutrient-rich on earth.

Episode 5 - Barrel Aged Coffee

Jeremy runs a small coffee company specializing in barrel-aged coffee. His coffee is aged in whiskey and rum barrels to give it a unique flavour.

Episode 6 - Foraging

Ruth Charette is a local foraging expert. She has spent dozens of years exploring the wilderness of New Brunswick and cultivating a relationship with its plants.

Episode 7 - Regenerative Farming

Tim Livingstone runs a large organic farm. He has made it his mission to run his business as ethically as possible.

Episode 8 - Homestead

Louis and his partner Courtney run Earth to Belly Homestead. It’s a small, self-sufficient operation in rural New Brunswick.

Episode 9 - Fermentation

Ruth Charrette is passionate about fermentation. She walks viewers through multiple different fermentation methods.

Episode 10 - Honey

Tavis runs Marr’s Sweet Syrup, a raw honey company. He shares how honey is created and discusses the problems facing the bee population.

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