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Questionable Taste

Genre: Food
Host: Ray Galletti

Actor Ray Galletti is not a chef, but he loves to cook and entertain. Join him as he welcomes celebrity guests to the QT kitchen in Peterborough, Ontario as they attempt to recreate one of the guest’s favourite recipes using some local ingredients, great conversation and a few laughs along the way.

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Episode 1 - Salma Hindy

A stand-up comic, an engineer and a Cooking show host hop into a kitchen and attempt to make a very unique dish in this punchline of an episode. Comedian Salma Hindy introduces Ray to her family's traditional Egyptian recipe featuring a very special ingredient.

Episode 2 - Kat Barrell

Canada's TV sweetheart Kat Barrell visits Ray in the QT kitchen for a most delicious "pick me up" but the big question is: will the recipe live up to the person who inspired it? Another cup of the featured ingredient might be in order if Ray plans to keep up with this firecracker.

Episode 3 - Shawnee & Jen Kish

Ray can never have too many cooks in the QT kitchen, especially when they're chart-topping singer songwriter Shawnee Kish and Olympic medal winner Jen Kish who just also happen to be an incredibly awesome couple. They attempt to make a recipe that's near and dear to Shawnee's indigenous roots while paying tribute to its key ingredient’s heritage.

Episode 4 - Royal Wood

Ray welcomes accomplished local singer songwriter Royal Wood to the QT kitchen as they channel their inner goodfellas while making one of Royal's favourite recipes, fresh pasta bolognese. Royal also shares his stories of performing, cooking and what it means to be a new father.

Episode 5 - Martina Ortiz-Luis

Ray welcomes to the QT kitchen Martina Ortiz-Luis, the official anthem singer of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Martina gives Ray some backstory on her Filipino roots and talks about her passion for singing/acting as they attempt to make one of her favourite Filipino recipes, Sisig.

Episode 6 - Yannick and Shantelle Bisson

In this unique episode of Questionable Taste, Ray goes on the road to discover a truly special destination — Shantilly's Place. Owner's Shantelle and Yannick Bisson (Murdoch himself) tell the story of how their incredible waterfront marina/cottage store came to be and give Ray a culinary sandwich making lesson as they attempt one of their famous creations — The Lakeness Monster.

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