Cooking with Bridget

City: Saint John
Director: David Gainforth
Genre: Food
Host: Bridget Oland

Cooking with Bridget is a home cooking show featuring easy recipes that are doable for any cook. Using mostly pantry staples, host Bridget Oland creates family friendly food that’s healthy and delicious. These are recipes you’ll be excited to try, like her fast and foolproof meal ideas, irresistible comfort food with a twist, a great variety of vegetable dishes, wholesome desserts, and more. Tune in for Bridget’s inspiring everyday home cooking.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Bridget prepares a pot-roasted chicken dinner that is moist, tasty, and super easy. A delightful family dinner.

Episode 2

It's apple season, so naturally Bridget is ready to prepare an apple tart using a simple pastry recipe. It's an easy and delightful dessert perfect for this time of year.

Episode 3

Bridget prepares a favourite from her mother's cookbook - roasted red pepper lentil soup. It's a delicious soup for a chilly day that is easy to prepare, and is beautiful and unique.

Episode 4

Fall is here and it's pumpkin season! Bridget shows you how to prepare the perfect oatmeal pumpkin cookie. Nice and moist, these cookies will be your new family favourite. Easy and delicious as always.

Episode 5

Bridget prepares her mom's favourite secret dessert - cranberry apple crisp! It's the perfect seasonal treat for special occasions with family and friends.

Episode 6

This week Bridget introduces her take on healthy snacks with Maple Molasses Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins... wholesome, filling and just sweet enough, as they are free of refined sugar!

Episode 7

Sweet potatoes are very good for you and this week Bridget shows how versatile they are with her Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges. They're a great snack to start the new year with... healthy, tasty, and you will not break any resolutions!

Episode 8

This week is all about home-made, edible gift ideas that are easy to make and are wonderful to share with friends and family.

Episode 9

Looking for family-friendly snacks that are quick and easy to prepare? Bridget shares her family's go-to recipe for crispy cranberry almond granola bars, a wholesome treat that's tasty and satisfying. As well, Bridget shares simple substitutions to make these easy, no-bake bars school-friendly too.

Episode 10

Bridget is out to prove that broccoli doesn't need to be boring. To show how easy it is to transform this ordinary vegetable into the star of the meal Bridget shares two simple recipes for broccoli with oomph: everyday roasted broccoli and baked broccoli with cheese. If you want to eat more vegetables, Bridget's simple recipes will have you adding more healthy vegetables to your dinner plate.

Episode 11

Are you looking for ways to make chicken more interesting? Bridget has just the recipe – a one-pot mustard molasses chicken dish. This easy recipe cooks in a tasty sweet & sour sauce and is ready in under 30 minutes. Bridget prepares this recipe in an electric pressure cooker and also shares the method for cooking this family-friendly dish in the oven.

Episode 12

Bridget creates the perfect Easter bunny cake!

Episode 13

Bridget shares a recipe that walks the line between treat and nourishing snack, between what kids want to eat and what they eat. They may look like cupcakes but in the first bite you'll notice they taste wholesome and are just sweet enough to be satisfying.

Episode 14

In this spicy salmon recipe, a delicious spice blend and Dijon mustard add just the right amount of heat while molasses provides a savoury kind of sweet to keep the flavours balanced. Salmon is so versatile and can handle lots of added seasoning. The spice blend is also great on vegetables like cauliflower.

Episode 15

Bridget shares two favourite barbecue recipes that her family has been enjoying for decades: easy oven-baked ribs (that can be finished on the grill) and a homemade barbecue sauce made with beer and molasses. Both recipes require minimal effort and are the perfect effortless summer meals.

Episode 16

The barbecue is usually the star at summer meals, but every great barbecue needs side dishes! Bridget shares three healthy favourites to round out your next barbecue menu: creamy apple dressing for a no-mayo coleslaw, roasted sweet potato salad, and a simple oil and vinegar salad dressing.

Episode 17

When it's too hot to cook no-bake desserts are a dessert lover's best friend. In this episode Bridget shares recipes for three simple, summer desserts: a Greek yogurt chocolate pudding, five-minute chocolate sauce and S'mores made with ginger cookies. These are quick and delicious crowd pleasers - each takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

Episode 18

In this episode from her cottage kitchen Bridget shows how easy it is to make homemade ice cream – no ice cream maker required. Her version is a simple Ginger Toffee Crunch no-churn recipe. She pairs the ice cream with a classic ginger crinkle cookie to make an irresistible ice cream sandwich. Two simple recipes – the ice cream and ginger cookies – become three summer treats.

Episode 19

Why buy granola when you can make healthy and delicious granola at home, for half the cost? In this episode Bridget shares two easy granola recipes: Molasses granola filled with oats and seeds, and a richly flavoured peanut butter granola. Both are refined sugar free, sweetened with molasses and maple syrup. Packed with flavour and nutrients Bridget’s granola recipes are a great addition to a healthy diet.

Episode 20

Marinades are an easy way to add oomph to any meal. In this episode Bridget shares two of her family’s marinade recipes. The first is a versatile soy-based marinade – “Magic Marinade” she calls it - that’s delicious with chicken, pork and beef. The other is a spicy Cajun-inspired marinade that is her family’s favourite way to enjoy shrimp and fish. Both are simple to put together and can last in the fridge for a couple of weeks for speedy weeknight meals.

Episode 21

In this episode Bridget shares some helpful kitchen hacks to help make your baking easier and more successful. From softening butter on the fly to separating eggs, correctly measuring flour, and more Bridget’s how-to tips will help ensure your baking projects work out every time.

Episode 22

Do you prefer sweet, streusel-topped muffins or something a little more wholesome and refined-sugar-free? Join Bridget as she bakes two very different kinds of pumpkin muffins. Her pumpkin spice latte muffins have a sweet, nutty streusel top and are spiked with coffee. The second recipe is for wholesome pumpkin oat muffins that are refined sugar-free.

Episode 23

Bridget shares two simple dessert recipes that showcase fresh fall apples. The first is a caramel apple crisp with a wholesome flour and oat topping. Bridget’s secret ingredient in this recipe…a little molasses. (It gives the sauce that forms while it bakes a rich caramel flavour.) The second recipe is the easiest apple pie you’ll ever make. It’s a crustless apple pie that’s rich, delicious and, as you’ll see, quite effortless.

Episode 24

Bridget shares a healthier version of an old-time chili recipe – made with ground turkey instead of ground beef and loaded with black beans. This recipe is easy enough to make on a weeknight and is nutritious, delicious, and versatile. Bridget shows how you can serve this simple recipe three ways: by the bowlful, as a taco filling or over roasted sweet potato to up your vegetable intake at mealtime.

Season 2

Episode 1

Stew and biscuits are old-time comfort food. In this episode Bridget adds a flavorful twist to these classics, filling the stew with zucchini, peppers, and chickpeas, along with a few flavor "secrets" that happen to be pantry staples. Her easy biscuit recipe gets added crunch from sunflower seeds. As always, Bridget shows how easily you can make satisfying meals that are flavorful and healthy.

Episode 2

Quick weeknight meals are always appreciated, and few dishes cook faster than fish. In this episode Bridget shares two family-favorite fish dishes: her mom's recipe for a lighter fish chowder and a Cajun-spiced baked haddock. Tune in for Bridget's tip for how to achieve just the right texture in your chowder without the addition of cream or flour. Her Cajun marinade makes white fish irresistible. These family-friendly recipes are quick, easy and, as always, healthy.

Episode 3

Mac & cheese is one of those family-friendly meals that grown-ups love as much as kids. In this episode Bridget shares her recipe for quick stovetop mac & cheese. It's creamy, cheesy and simple to make. For those who want more from their mac & cheese she shares two variations: a crisp-topped baked mac & cheese and, as an added flavor treat, you'll learn how to make caramelized onions for a grown-up mac & cheese topper. As always you see how Bridget has a knack for making everyday meals feel anything but ordinary.

Episode 4

The usual chicken pot pie can be a bit of a production, but Bridget has a version that is quick enough for a weeknight. Her chicken pot pie recipe isn't only speedy, it's a little lighter and healthier too (she uses chicken stock in place of milk and fills it to the brim with vegetables). Instead of the usual pie crust Bridget shows you how to make an extra quick cornmeal pastry that you bake like crackers. Simplicity is Bridget's theme in this unfussy meal.

Episode 5

Looking for a quick, healthy weeknight meal idea that's vegetarian? In this episode Bridget shares a vegetarian chickpea stew recipe that has been a standard in her house for years. It is family-friendly, simple, and made with pantry staples. Always a fan of versatility, Bridget shows how her basic recipe can be adapted to suit your favorite spices (think Spanish - paprika, East Indian - curry powder). A vibrant parsley pesto is an optional garnish for this wholesome weeknight meal.

Episode 6

Humble lentils are nutritious and quick cooking, but often come off as boring. Not in Bridget's kitchen. In this episode she prepares a simple braised lentil dish loaded with flavor. She adds colour with easy molasses glazed carrots and irresistible texture with crispy onions (her kitchen staple). You'll see that the trick to loving lentils is allabout variety on the palate and the plate. This versatile recipe is full of surprises.

Episode 7

In this episode Bridget shows that there is always time for dessert when you have a stash of speedy dessert recipes to turn to. To prove her point she shares a gluten-free coconut blender cake made with pantry staples, an old-time rice custard recipe, and a rich butterscotch sauce that can be used as a topping or fruit dip. These simple, satisfying recipes can be made ahead of time or at the last minute.

Episode 8

In this episode Bridget shows that a delicious meal idea is only one can of tomatoes away. She'll show you how to make a buttery tomato sauce that elevates simple pasta to a whole new level. If you want something even faster follow along as she makes a secret ingredient penne pasta recipe with a can of tomatoes, some whipping cream and lots of garlic. These fast, family-favourites require just a few simple ingredients that you can throw together in a flash.

Episode 9

Kababs are an easy way to guarantee a flavourful meal. In this episode Bridget shares two family-favourite kabob recipes: herb marinated chicken kabobs and teriyaki salmon kababs. These flavourful recipes come together quickly and they're so versatile. The marinade for the chicken and the teriyaki sauce go well with other proteins and because dinner at Bridget's always includes an abundance of vegetables, she'll share her answer to vegetable kababs, an oven-baked ratatouille. These are healthy meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

Episode 10

If you don't want to linger over meal prep, but still want a healthy and delicious homemade meal, you'll love this episode. Bridget shares her recipe for extra moist turkey burgers (secret ingredient included). And she'll show how to make two tasty toppings that make any burger better: quick pickled red onions and a creamy - oh so healthy - substitution for mayo.

Episode 11

In this episode Bridget shows how a small dinner party is doable any night of the week if you have the right recipes, and a little help from your friends. On the menu: A crispy parmesan chicken that's easy to prep and get in the oven before guests arrive. To go with it, everyone pitches into to make a vegetable-filled salad. For dessert, Bridget prepares a speedy puff pastry peach galette. This episode includes everything you need for an effortless get-together.

Season 3

Episode 1 - Doing Wonders with Winter Squash

There is so much more to squash than soup and puree. In this episode Bridget shares simple and delicious recipes for one of her favourite vegetables. Her easy salt & pepper buttercup squash with crispy onions is a weeknight favourite and her roasted acorn squash with a buttery maple-glaze is perfect for festive meals. Even better, Bridget’s versatile glaze is quick to make and adds oomph to all sorts of vegetables.

Episode 2 - Two Quick Fish Dishes

Fast and failproof recipes are a gift when it comes to weeknight dinner ideas. That’s what Bridget has in mind as she shares two quick fish recipes that are big on flavour. You’ll love the versatility of her curry-poached cod and the flavour punch of garlicky orange juice salmon. If you’re trying to eat more fish, or are in search of simple ways to prepare your favourite varieties, tune in for these winning recipes.

Episode 3 - Pancakes and Waffles Get a Wholesome Makeover

If you want breakfast ideas that are hearty and healthy, join Bridget as she makes her kids’ favourite waffles and pancakes. These are old favourites with a healthy twist, updated using a few simple tricks. In this episode Bridget shares her secrets for making these weekend favourites more flavourful, and nutritious.

Episode 4 - The Chocolate Cake Recipe for Every Occasion

Everyone should have a go-to recipe for chocolate cake. In this episode, Bridget shares her family’s enduring favourite that has everything you love about a classic cake. It’s a perfectly moist, easy-to-make crowd pleaser with a luscious (and simple) frosting. Join Bridget as she makes this cake that suits every occasion.

Episode 5 - Healthy Make-Ahead Meal Ideas

When all you want – or have time for – is a simple meal, you’ll love the healthy and versatile meal ideas Bridget shares in this episode. Her baked tuna and egg sandwich (foil-wrapped for travel) and sweet pepper black bean salad are make-ahead options for meals on the go, or light summer fare for dinner on the deck.

Episode 6 - Two Reasons to Love Turnip and Cauliflower

This episode celebrates the less-loved vegetables of the world: turnip (rutabaga) and cauliflower. Bridget shares her easy recipes for healthy and delicious turnip fries and a creamy cauliflower side dish that’s a tasty substitution for mashed potatoes. If you’re in search of new vegetable dishes to help you press the reset button, or are simply bored with your regular vegetables, these two out-of-the-ordinary ideas will liven up your dinner plate.

Episode 7 - Fail-proof Pies for the Pastry Challenged

No need to be intimidated by the thought of making pie from scratch. In this episode Bridget shares her simple and fail-proof recipe for food processor pastry. This flaky pastry is the base for two free-form pies that Bridget will guide you through: a pear galette with a rich almond paste and a savoury galette made with zucchini and feta. With Bridget’s help you’ll see that these sweet and savoury galettes really are “easy as pie”.

Episode 8 - Easy Recipes for a Weeknight Dinner with Friends

Simplicity is key for a weeknight celebration with friends. In this episode Bridget shares her sheet pan sausage and shrimp recipe that’s filled with vegetables and feeds a crowd. For dessert, her healthy “secret ingredient” chocolate pudding is a quick make-ahead idea. Friends pitch in with the salad (includes a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette), and prep the refreshing two-ingredient Spanish cocktail.

Episode 9 - One-Pot Meal with Hot-from-the-Oven Cornbread

Hearty minestrone soup is a wholesome one-pot meal filled with vegetables and beans for substance. In this episode Bridget shares a variation of her mom’s minestrone recipe that has been a family staple for decades. To go with it, Bridget makes her favourite cornbread, the simplest recipe she always comes back to. Watch for Bridget’s tips for thickening a brothy soup.

Episode 10 - Easy Baking with Apples: A One-Bowl Cake and Flaky Apple Twists

Apples are an easy standby for baking. In this episode Bridget shares two old family recipes. Here wholesome apple cake studded with chocolate chips is moist, satisfying and doesn’t need frosting. Bridget’s apple twists are like a shortcut to apple pie. Although a little fiddly, Bridget shares tricks for minimizing the fuss.

Episode 11 - Versatile Dips Filled with Surprises

The dips Bridget shares in this episode are versatile and unexpected – not your grocery store variety, but filled with familiar ingredients. Bridget’s walnut and roasted red pepper dip and zesty pumpkin seed pesto with cilantro are made quickly in the food processor. Her gorgeous marinated goat cheese with basil, olives and sundried tomatoes is easy and impressive.

Episode 12 - Everything You Need for a Memorable Family Meal

If you have been cooking with Bridget for a while, you’ll know she shares many recipes from her mom. In this special episode, Bridget and her twin brother prepare a memorable meal for their mom. On the menu: easy chicken schnitzel, a cabbage recipe you’ll love, and an old-fashioned maple dessert. Simple recipes for making memories around the table.

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