PB with J

City: Kitchener
Director: Jeremy LaLonde
Genre: Food

Filmmaker Jeremy LaLonde visits restaurants and businesses that offer plant-based alternatives and invites you back into his kitchen to show you how easy it is to introduce healthy delicious, comforting and often decadent plant-based meals and treats into your menu.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Plant-Based Basics

Jeremy shares his plant-based journey before showcasing his recipes for a Tofu Scramble, Chickpea Salad Sandwich, and a mountain of “cheesy" nachos. He also visits Pfennings Farm to learn about organic farming.

Episode 2 - Plant-Based Breakfasts

Jeremy walks though some of his plant-based breakfast staples including granola, fluffy pancakes, and tempeh sausage. He also visits Nook Vibrant Kitchen to learn about their plant-based meal delivery service.

Episode 3 - Plant-Based Lunches

Jeremy gets creative with these filling lunches, including crunchy falafels, a plant-based grilled “cheese” sandwich, and a multi-purpose stew. He visits Pfennings farm once again to learn the importance of good soil and harvesting vegetables.

Episode 4 - Plant-Based Snacks

Jeremy shows off how to make his go-to snacks including decadent cookies, muffins, and his own plant milk. He also goes back to Nook Vibrant Kitchen to learn more about how plant-based foods can boost your health and reverse disease.

Episode 5 - Plant-Based Dinners

Jeremy reveals some of his family’s favourite meals from tofu nuggets to shepherd’s pie and a delicious plant-based burger. He visits Jane Bond, a place that was doing plant-based way before it was cool.

Episode 6 - Plant-Based Desserts

Perfect for your sweet tooth, Jeremy shares some of his go-to desserts, from a chocolate tart to a fruit cobbler and a show-stopping trifle. He also visits Four All Ice Cream to learn the science behind their plant-based ice cream.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Plant-Based Holidays!

Join host Jeremy LaLonde as he rings in the holidays plant-based style! Joining him is guest Madison Warnock, the owner of Nook Eats. Together, they’re going to make everything from vegan plant-based eggnog to a rustic squash galette, vegan plant-based gingerbread, and a roasted winter salad!

Episode 2 - Beastless Eats!

Jeremy shows how to use some delicious plant-based substitutes for to swap out meaty-favourites. From how to make your own deli “meat” and sausages to lentil Bolognese and even a brisket. Jeremy will visit Henry’s Tempeh to learn how this plant-based staple is made.

Episode 3 - Plant-Based Kid Favourites

Jeremy walks through some of his family’s favourite plant-based treats. From butter tarts to their go-to school safe granola bars and an 8-layer nacho dip that his kids beg for. He’ll then visit Lady Glaze to learn how they make some of their decadent plant-based donuts.

Episode 4 - Quick & Easy Plant-Based Meals

Jeremy walks through some of his favourite quick meals: plant-based custard toast, monster veggie wrap, and pesto pasta. He then visits Yoso, a plant-based yogurt company.

Episode 5 - Next Level Plant-Based

Jeremy will show off some of the various next-level tricks he’s learned and how to cook with kombucha. He’ll visit Booch Kombucha to the health benefits of this gut-healthy drink and how to make it on a mass level.

Episode 6 - Plant-Based Simple Swaps

Jeremy shows how to take some of your favourite meals and make them plant-based with some simple swaps. And he’ll drop in to visit his carnivore cousins to see how they and their kids feel about trying some of his plant-based meals.

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