Baking It Up A Notch

City: Atlantic
Genre: Food
Host: Aaron McInnis

No matter how old we get or how far we travel, nothing beats coming home and sitting down to a cup of tea and a lovingly prepared treat. On Baking It Up A Notch, pastry chef Aaron McInnis samples the favourite recipes of his special guests and how to turn their family-favorite bake into a restaurant worthy dish.

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Episode 1 - Fudge Tart

Bev’s fudge oat bars are a fan favorite that she’s asked to bring to every gathering and event she attends. Aaron is just as impressed as everyone else is with her recipe, but he shows Bev how to take the desert to the next level.

Episode 2 - Heavenly Tea Biscuits

Joanne’s tea biscuit recipe, passed down to her by her grandfather, has been with her for more than 40 years. After he tries one of her heavenly tea biscuits, Aaron suggests a few tweaks to the recipe.

Episode 3 - Blueberry Toaster Pastry

Sandra bakes a blueberry pie that the whole family enjoys. Aaron shows his mother-in-law how to turn her blueberry pie into blueberry toaster pastries that are sure to be a hit.

Episode 4 - Spicy Ginger Whoopie Pies

Rae’s spicy ginger cookies were her grandmother’s favourite, and Aaron shows her how to turn those delicious cookies into a whoopie pie.

Episode 5 - Christmas Mincemeat Tarts

The recipe for Pam’s mincemeat tarts has been in her family for four generations, and has always been a favorite around the holidays. Aaron shows Pam how to turn her tarts into a shortbread mincemeat square.

Episode 6 - Shortbread Cookie Tart

Aaron’s love of baking started in the kitchen with his mom and now they’ve come full circle. Aaron shows his mom how to take their family favourite shortbread cookies and bring the recipe to new heights by Baking It Up A Notch.

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