East Coast Forager

City: Atlantic
Director: Wes Holmes
Genre: Food
Host: Lori McCarthy

From nature to the table, Lori McCarthy takes viewers on a journey to explore the beautiful island of Newfoundland to discover the rich bounties that the land and sea have to offer. Foraging fresh and sustainable ingredients to create uniquely crafted dishes, Lori demonstrates the importance of food culture and the land around us in the new series East Coast Forager.

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Season 1

Episode 1

While exploring a beach in Avondale, Lori comes across some goose tongue and scotch lovage growing by the seaside that would go nicely with some corned cod and local eggs that she brought with her.

Episode 2

Lori heads off to spend the day in Conception Harbour hoping to find some berries and wildflowers that she can add to the ceviche she’s planning on making.

Episode 3

While exploring the barrens and the woods in Brigus Junction, Lori forages for ingredients to use with the ptarmigan that she brought with her.

Episode 4

Lori spends an afternoon on Colliers Beach looking for some fresh ingredients that she can use to cook with some halibut skewers.

Episode 5

With some bacon and trout in hand, Lori heads off to a camp in the woods to cook a delicious meal and enjoy the scenic view.

Episode 6

Lori heads off for an afternoon of mussel picking and foraging to gather ingredients she needs to complete a dish with local smoked herring.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Eel Spearing

Lori and Marsha experience the tradition of eel spearing with the members of the Flat Bay Band, No'kmaq Village. This episode portrays their rich heritage - a vanishing tradition of eel spearing, held onto by the members.

Episode 2 - Smelt Fishing

Lori and Marsha are joined by seasoned smelt fisher Bill Hudson for a day of ice fishing. They venture into the frozen waters of St. George’s Bay amidst harsh winter conditions for the hope of catching Smelt.

Episode 3 - Salmon Fishing

Dive into the exciting world of fly fishing. From the pristine waters of the West Coast emerges a fresh look at salmon angling, featuring expert fishing guide Kastine Coleman and seasoned fly fisherman Rod Stowe.

Episode 4 - Berry Picking

This episode takes berry picking to a new level as Lori and Marsha are joined by Gerry Knight and Shirley Butler in Mobile. From ripe reds to blushing blues, witness the symphony of colours and flavours they reveal on their foraging adventure.

Episode 5 - Cod Fishing

Lori and Marsha go cod fishing with local fisherman Larry Hann. Set in the hidden gem fishing community of Quidi Vidi, this episode introduces audiences to the traditions of cod fishing.

Episode 6 - Feast Finale

Join Lori and Marsha as they collect all of their forages from episodes prior, to create a mouthwatering feast for their local community. They cook up a storm as they reminisce about past adventures, each adding a unique flavor to the show.

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