Get In the Kitchen

City: Atlantic
Producer: Scott MacLean
Genre: Food

Host Robbie Doherty invites food influencer, writer, culinary instructor and award-winning chef Ilona Daniel to get into the kitchen where she teaches him how to prepare fun, easy, and affordable recipes for busy families.

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Episode 1 - Cordon Bleu Burger/West Coast Slaw

Chef Ilona and Robbie prepare chicken cordon bleu burgers served on buttery brioche buns with homemade dijonnaise sauce. On the side, the pair mix together a colorful west coast style slaw with broccoli, dried papaya, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

Episode 2 - Blueberry Chia Pudding/Breakfast bundle

Chef Ilona and Robbie food prep breakfast with overnight blueberry chia seed pudding. For a heartier meal, they bake a batch of freezable breakfast bundle pastries stuffed with ham, cheese, and egg to go alongside the nutritional pudding powerhouse.

Episode 3 - Curry Chicken Chili/Drop Biscuits

Chef Ilona and Robbie take the classic chili con carne and give it a glow up featuring Indian spices. Keeping with the modern comfort food theme, Robbie bakes his first ever batch of biscuits.

Episode 4 - Meatballs/Kimchi Pork Belly Pasta

Chef Ilona and Robbie prepare Korean inspired ground beef meatballs enhanced with shitake mushrooms. The meatballs are served on top of a kimchi pork belly pasta with a sesame seed and scallion garnish.

Episode 5 - Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup

Chef Ilona and Robbie assemble upscale grilled cheese sandwiches made with homemade honey beer bread. Served with the sandwiches is a quick and easy tomato soup.

Episode 6 - Brownies/Meatball Subs

Chef Ilona and Robbie make Italian style meatballs simmered in a classic tomato-basil sauce. To complete the meal, Robbie learns how to make chocolate brownies with a deceptively simple chocolate icing.

Episode 7 - Sushi Dip/Teriyaki Wings

Chef Ilona shows Robbie that sushi flavours are easy to achieve with a party ready sushi dip. Robbie also learns how to make the crispiest air fried chicken wings.

Episode 8 - Ramen/Poutine

Chef Ilona and Robbie use a store-bought rotisserie chicken shortcut to make a creamy curry chicken ramen soup, and a crowd-pleasing chicken pot pie poutine.

Episode 9 - Crab Dip/Cinnamon Buns

Chef Ilona teaches Robbie to make cinnamon buns with a decadent icing, as well as garlic-butter & parmesan twists. Buffalo crab dip pairs perfectly with the twisty bread.

Episode 10 - Mussels/Porcupine Bread

Chef Ilona and Robbie make two different types of mussels; a vermouth cream sauce and the second with a curry maple beer sauce. They also make porcupine and sourdough bread scored and stuffed with cheese.

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