The Art of Coffee

City: Quebec City
Producer: Pier-Paul Fortin
Genre: Food
Host: Allison Van Rassel

The Art of Coffee unveils the secrets hidden within a cup of coffee by connecting with professionals from the industry in Quebec City.

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Episode 1 - Origin

Get introduced to the basics of coffee: what is it, where does it come from, how long has it been cultivated, and what is the journey coffee takes to reach our cups?

Episode 2 - Roasting

Coffee needs to undergo a transformation process before it can be consumed. And just like with any food, heat has a direct impact on the flavor of the coffee.

Episode 3 - Preparation

Whether you prefer lattes or filtered coffee, the method of preparation directly influences the taste of the coffee. Learn what the different types of preparation methods are and how consumers can navigate through them.

Episode 4 - Coffee Shop

Every culture and every family has their own recipe for preparing coffee. Italy doesn't consume coffee in the same way as Japan or Latin America. The coffee shop has evolved into a space where people from diverse cultures can come together, united by a cup of coffee in hand.

Episode 5 - Impact

The choices made as consumers have a direct impact on the coffee industry. Fair trade, organic, specialty, women or cooperative-grown coffee—these many options can be overwhelming. Learn how to navigate through it all and consume in an ethical and sustainable manner.

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