Ghost Kitchens

City: Winnipeg
Director: Taylor Brown
Genre: Food

Angie St. Mars searches Winnipeg’s ghost kitchens for a spirit willing to judge her supernatural cooking competition. Although ghost kitchens aren’t typically for literal ghosts, Angie is prepared to enlist a team of paranormal experts to help reach a determination when three chefs will compete for the title of Greatest Ghost Kitchen Chef.

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Episode 1 - There's a steam bun in the coven

Angie tries out modern Filipino cuisine with Eejay, the first ghost kitchen chef. Angie scouts out a location for her cooking show with the friendly neighborhood ghost historian and they explore one of Winnipeg’s most haunted buildings.

Episode 2 - Cookies ‘n Screams

Angie escapes her mummy sarcophagus to try some cookies and meets a paranormal investigator duo. The duo shows Angie the type of equipment they will need if they really want to see a ghost.

Episode 3 - The power of crust compels you

Vampire Angie fires up the pizza ovens with Cutie Pie’s Dillon and Morgan. Angie meets the final paranormal experts — two mediums that can communicate with spirits.

Episode 4 - Cloche encounters

Angie invites the chefs and paranormal teams to Seven Oaks House and listens to the story of the family who lived on the property. The Chefs present their dishes and Angie awards the trophy of diabolical delights to the winner.

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