Let’s Gentrify Hamilton

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Adam Niebergall, Callum Wratten, Connor Low & Alex Kolanko
Genre: Comedy

Comedian and recent homeowner Adam Niebergall is on a mission to single handedly gentrify Hamilton, even if it makes everyone hate him.

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Episode 1 - Real Estate

After realizing he paid too much for his house, Adam desperately tries to create a real estate bubble.

Episode 2 - Sports

Adam attempts to make the Hamilton Ti-Cats and their diehard fans more appealing to billionaires, including trying to get them to pay for a new stadium.

Episode 3 - Commute

Adam tries get rich people from Toronto to move to Hamilton. Unfortunately, this means Adam has to deal with his two greatest nemeses, traffic and Joel, a simple-minded camera operator.

Episode 4 - Coffee, Beer and Depression

After Adam tries running a coffee shop and then a brewery, he becomes more frantic as he goes through bad idea after bad idea.

Episode 5 - Dispensary

Adam wants to open a cannabis dispensary, as they have become the new harbinger of gentrification. He then tries to open a magic mushroom store to hop on the next legalization gravy train.

Episode 6 - Real Estate 2

After finding that his house has actually lost value, Adam spirals until he decides to embark on his final project.

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