Stittsville on Patrol

Genre: Comedy

Simon Bauche is back and willing to go lower than ever before to root out Stittsville’s underground crime scene. Buckle up - twice - for the most action-packed emotional rollercoaster the suburbs have ever seen.

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Season 1

Episode 1

On the night of a full moon, a grizzly discovery shatters the illusion there’s no crime in town. Simon’s philosophy to ticket every single violation is put to the test.

Episode 2

Simon uses one of Stittsville’s top trees as a spy nest, and re-lives his McIntosh Apple trauma. With the bush situation in Stittsville out of control, Simon sets a trap to catch some violators.

Episode 3

A tour of Ottawa Senator hot-spots leads to a pretty decent camouflage situation to catch a star. Simon goes to great lengths to preserve the legacy of Stittsville's Olympic champion Erica Wiebe.

Episode 4

Unwelcomed erotic art threatens to take down Quitters Coffee if Simon doesn’t crack the case. The virtues of having a green lawn are tested as Simon tries to catch the four legged culprits.

Episode 5

Weak security measures at a residential home force Simon to try an experimental form of safety education. When a routine backyard check leads to a shocking discovery, Simon uses his investigative skills to narrow down suspects.

Episode 6

The most dangerous intersection in town proves too much for Simon to navigate. You don’t make friends with tickets, so Simon contemplates tearing up the badge.

Season 2

Episode 1: Rider Pride, Spring Training

PART 1: With his fancy set of wheels, Simon is on the hunt for dirty crime vehicles.

PART 2: Simon designs a special workout regimen to keep fit, safe, and sharp.

Episode 2: The Last Outpost, Garbage In Garbage Out

PART 1: The discovery of a fort in the woods could forever change Stittsville’s past and future.

PART 2: Simon is out late to prove the dangers of premature trash ejection.

Episode 3: Swingers Paradise, Mom I’d Like to Follow

PART 1: Simon looks to bust an elicit party with Ottawa’s biggest celebrities.

PART 2: The next Ms. Stittsville could be anywhere, so Simon is on the hunt.

Episode 4: Underground Crime Scene, Super Sexy Fundraiser

PART 1: Armed with a wet suit and suspicion, Simon takes his crime stopping to the sewers.

PART 2: A steamy calendar shoot might be the solution to all of Stittsville’s problems.

Episode 5: Smelling Fear, Laser in the Sky

PART 1: Simon reveals his secret ritual for saving children from murderous coyotes.

PART 2: UFOs have returned to Stittsville, and Simon is determined to get them on tape.

Episode 6: Somebody Poisoned the Water Hole, The Town Jewell

PART 1: Major, major problem with the water in town, and only one person can help.

PART 2: Finding a police radio allows Simon to call in the biggest threat in Stittsville’s history.

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