Berries For Sale

City: Atlantic
Director: Stephen Cadigan
Genre: Comedy

Berries For Sale is a dramedy about a tiny Newfoundland community facing a resettlement vote. One resident turns to Los Angeles talk show host Bobby Bright to help save the town but the rest of the residents must decide if life in a small town is worth saving.

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Episode 1 - Picking Berries

Bobby Bright announces on his Los Angeles talk show that he is now the honorary mayor of Rum Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador. Meanwhile, during an afternoon of berry picking, people in Rum Cove consider having a resettlement vote.

Episode 2 - The Move

Norah discovers that Kimberly, who runs most of the social activities in Rum Cove, is moving to Alberta. Norah feels this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Rum Cove. She tells George it’s time to call a resettlement vote.

Episode 3 - The Hike

Derek, a dog who plays the piano, joins Bobby Bright. Norah decides to go on a hike with Becky, thinking this would be a good way to break the resettlement news to her. However, things don’t go as well as Norah had hoped.

Episode 4 - The Meeting

Bobby Bright gets ill and collapses during his show. George calls a meeting to see if there is enough support for resettlement. His wife Becky accompanies him and promises she won’t cause any trouble.

Episode 5 - The Bottle

Becky tries to convince Aaron to vote against resettlement but he doesn’t want to hear it. However, he suggests that he might vote how Becky wants for a bribe and she considers doing it.

Episode 6 - The Talk

Becky prays for help to fight against resettlement. Bobby Bright shows up to help her stop resettlement but he has a lot of questions. Becky takes him to Aaron and they both try to explain life in Newfoundland to Bobby.

Episode 7 - The Vote

Becky and Bobby go campaigning door to door to convince people to vote against resettlement. They encounter Maude, a stubborn resident who just wants to be left alone. When Bobby returns to his show, he announces to his audience which side won the vote.

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