The Missus Downstairs

City: Atlantic
Director: Mary Walsh
Genre: Comedy

In Season 2 of the Missus Downstairs, John’s life degrades even further, both at the office and at home, and he is left at a delicate crossroads in his life. Fortunately, his faithful neighbour and companion The Missus is there to help him find meaning and direction — adding some much-needed support as well as valuable insights into a brand new career path for John. The unlikely pair grow even closer as they take on the world the way nature intended — reluctantly together as one.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - The Long Road Home

We meet John as he grapples with the onset of a global pandemic and his plans shifting beneath his feet. Forced to make a quick decision on where to live, John through a stroke of good luck finds what he thinks to be his dream house. However, much to his surprise, he quickly learns that the house comes with a string or two attached. In this case, it’s the Missus Downstairs.

Episode 2 - Three Packs and a Loaf

John learns a little more than he bargains for about the Missus Downstairs. He quickly finds himself trapped in an awkward and unenviable position. It would appear the Missus has her eye on John. Both of them. Constantly. Unable to move or breathe, John tries his best to break free from her watchful gaze.

Episode 3 - Tea Buns and Turkey Necks

John attempts to find a sense of normalcy in his work, as he prepares for a meeting that could change the scope and trajectory of his career. The Missus, on the other hand, has other plans. The frustration bubbles over and John and The Missus butt heads. Overcome with guilt John tries to reconcile his emotions, until he stumbles upon a peace offering he won’t soon forget.

Episode 4 - A Dog Named Pussy

John phones his Mother for some words of encouragement, she offers him an oasis from the madness in his old bedroom at home. However, he decides to stick it out around the bay. Determined, he tries to grow a spine and finally stand up to The Missus once and for all. But the all-knowing Missus, now moonlighting as a part time dog sitter, will not stand for it.

Episode 5 - Old Hashes and Car Crashes

John awakens to a surprise that shocks The Missus in the strangest way possible. Overwhelmed by the stress of life with The Missus in rural Newfoundland, John turns to some old vices. Strangely, these vices seem to bring him and The Missus closer than ever before. In the end, maybe a little too close for his liking.

Episode 6 - Everyone’s a Winner, Baby

John discovers that a long lost “friend” from school is related to The Missus. He must now learn to navigate a world with two Missuses. Throughout it all, he proudly learns to put the needs of others in front of his own. And in that moment of pride, life couldn’t be more perfect. But only in that moment.

Season 2

Episode 1 - They Comes in Battalions

Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, John’s life continues to spiral downward. The Missus Downstairs attempts to cheer him up with her unique brand of charm and humour – which leads to mixed results.

Episode 2 - Island Girls Gone Wild

Tired of John’s disposition, The Missus takes things in her own hands and tries to force him to snap back into reality. Her plan works as John finally comes to and immediately hatches a plan that could change his life forever.

Episode 3 - Jaunts is What You Wants

John develops a plan for his very own business and presents his big idea to The Missus. She, naturally, remains unimpressed, but wants to support him in her own unique way — much to John’s chagrin.

Episode 4 - A Moose For The Misbegotten

John is startled from his sleep and winds up frightening The Missus half to death. Meanwhile, the life of an entrepreneur isn’t what John thought it would be, as he begins to have doubts about his new business.

Episode 5 - Fast Times at The Parish Hall

John finds himself back in a rut, and The Missus is determined to pull him out of it. Acting as a matchmaker, The Missus insists that John gets out there and finds himself “a good woman”.

Episode 6 - Three Hots and a Cot

John has pep in his step once again, as he thinks he’s found love. The Missus and Trina are there to lend sage advice as he embarks on his new romantic adventure. However, things take a turn (as they often do) and John finds himself in a sticky situation.

Season 3

Episode 1

The tension between John, the Missus and John’s father continues as emotions begin to run high during the Holiday season. John insists on camping out outside while the Missus and John’s father enjoy an ongoing tryst on the inside.

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