Right Under My Roof

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Laura Stubbs & Mike Regis
Director: Laura Stubbs & Mike Regis
Genre: Comedy

Right Under My Roof follows the comedic love triangle of two brothers and one’s girlfriend. Mark’s long-lost brother, Sammy, moves in. With Mark always at work, it leaves Sammy and Maria at home with nothing but each other and their video cameras.

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Episode 1 - The Visitor

Sammy gets kicked out of his girlfriend Cassie’s home and has nowhere to go. He travels to Hamilton, learning it is the waterfall capital of the world. Maria calls Mark in a panic as there is a man at the door claiming to be his brother.

Episode 2 - Prank the Boys

Sammy decides to upgrade his channel by doing a parkour video indoors. Maria walks in on the shouting and dismantled living room and calls Mark for assistance. She usually does work in the living room and is concerned by Sammy’s… rearrangement.

Episode 3 - Spiking the Devil’s Punchbowl

Sammy’s parkour video blew up overnight and a local company wants to collaborate with him. Maria tells Mark about her research placement in Vancouver and he’s thrilled. Maria takes his excitement a bit offensively and reminds him how far away she’ll be.

Episode 4 - S&M

Mark films a Markintosh video on computer updates and how sometimes you don’t get a choice. Sammy and Maria film an episode of VlogM&M with Sammy swapping with Mark. Sammy names it “S&M”. They play a Q&A drinking game and Sammy shows his softer side.

Episode 5 - Moving on

Mark admits the couples vlog isn’t his thing and he cares a lot about tech and computers. Maria isn’t super into couples vlogs either, it was just an excuse to spend more time together. They agree to find something they both like doing that they can do together.

Episode 6 - Granny’s favourite proposal

Mark films his final video to Maria. This has all led up to today where he is about to go home and propose. Maria watches videos of her and Sammy with amusement then sadness. She calls him and wants him to come back so they can talk.

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