City: Atlantic
Director: Jonathan Torrens
Genre: Comedy

The EWE Fire Department has everything a “real” fire department does: a shiny truck, immaculate uniforms, playful nicknames. In fact, the only thing they don’t have are fires. Fortunately, they’re kept pretty busy with the type of calls you might expect in a rural town. A stuck tractor. A wrong number. And an internal power struggle for Captaincy that is turning up the heat on the tension in their brigade. This is the story of their high-stakes low-flame world.

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Season 1


The Essex-West-Essex Volunteer Fire Department arrives at a ridiculous solution to a problem they created.

Episode 2 – A Night to Re-ember

At the talent show starring headliners The Backdraft Boys, a crisis ends up stealing the spotlight.

Episode 3 – The Roof is On What?

The VOLLIES' decision to host birthday parties featuring ASHES the dog backfires.

Episode 4 – DeLong Game

When the VOLLIES are asked to pose for the annual firefighters calendar, Dani has to decide whether to share a big secret.

Episode 5 – The Gas Leak

The VOLLIES hold an All You Can Eat Beans 'n Lobster fundraiser but stingy Bryson is banking on semantics.

Episode 6 – The Eternal Flame

While waiting for business at their car wash, Mollie and Lil learn about the day the VOLLIES failed the town. Meanwhile, Bryson makes a rash decision with shocking consequences.

Season 2

Episode 1

The Vollies gather to pay tribute to The Town Siren and hear Dani’s exciting news. However, when Bryson and DeLong arrive late, their explosive entrance overshadows the entire day.

Episode 2

Mollie and Lil visit Dani at her new job, where it’s clear things aren’t going well. Meanwhile, The Backdraft Boys try to function in The Vollies’ new home with a clingy third wheel.

Episode 3

A bored Mollie hits the road with Wade in his Taxidermy Taxi. Then trouble arises when a call comes in from dispatch, and there’s only one person around to take it.

Episode 4

Dani meets up with the Fullies who have the situation well in hand. Thankfully, a friendly face shows up unexpectedly to give her a hand.

Episode 5

Business is booming at Gifts ‘n Things – thanks to the addition of Mollie’s Jewelry ‘N Stuff! When Dani returns from the call, Bryson blasts her for going since she’s no longer a Vollie.

Episode 6

The gang votes on who should be Captain, leading to a surprising revelation from DeLong. When an emergency arises in the middle of the discussion, who will lead the Vollies into the fire?

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