City: Atlantic
Producer: Sylvia Beirnes
Director: Jonathan Torrens
Genre: Comedy

The Vollies battle Mayor Bryson’s plan to shut them down forever. But first, he's going to toy with them by making them move in with their worst nightmare – The Fullies.

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Season 1


The Essex-West-Essex Volunteer Fire Department arrives at a ridiculous solution to a problem they created.

Episode 2 – A Night to Re-ember

At the talent show starring headliners The Backdraft Boys, a crisis ends up stealing the spotlight.

Episode 3 – The Roof is On What?

The VOLLIES' decision to host birthday parties featuring ASHES the dog backfires.

Episode 4 – DeLong Game

When the VOLLIES are asked to pose for the annual firefighters calendar, Dani has to decide whether to share a big secret.

Episode 5 – The Gas Leak

The VOLLIES hold an All You Can Eat Beans 'n Lobster fundraiser but stingy Bryson is banking on semantics.

Episode 6 – The Eternal Flame

While waiting for business at their car wash, Mollie and Lil learn about the day the VOLLIES failed the town. Meanwhile, Bryson makes a rash decision with shocking consequences.

Season 2

Episode 1

The Vollies gather to pay tribute to The Town Siren and hear Dani’s exciting news. However, when Bryson and DeLong arrive late, their explosive entrance overshadows the entire day.

Episode 2

Mollie and Lil visit Dani at her new job, where it’s clear things aren’t going well. Meanwhile, The Backdraft Boys try to function in The Vollies’ new home with a clingy third wheel.

Episode 3

A bored Mollie hits the road with Wade in his Taxidermy Taxi. Then trouble arises when a call comes in from dispatch, and there’s only one person around to take it.

Episode 4

Dani meets up with the Fullies who have the situation well in hand. Thankfully, a friendly face shows up unexpectedly to give her a hand.

Episode 5

Business is booming at Gifts ‘n Things – thanks to the addition of Mollie’s Jewelry ‘N Stuff! When Dani returns from the call, Bryson blasts her for going since she’s no longer a Vollie.

Episode 6

The gang votes on who should be Captain, leading to a surprising revelation from DeLong. When an emergency arises in the middle of the discussion, who will lead the Vollies into the fire?

Season 3

Episode 1

At John Mayor’s funeral, Lil and Wade perform, things are tense between Connie and DeLong and Dani and Bryson make peace… for a very short time.

Episode 2

The Vollies are forced to move in with The Fullies, who don’t seem to be nearly as bad as they were lead to believe. Also, a mysteriously familiar figure shows up at tryouts to replace Bryson on The Vollies.

Episode 3

When construction is stopped on their new fire hall, Dani takes it upon herself to get Bryson thrown out of office. Wade & Connie suggest she needs dirt on Bryson and there’s only one place to get it.

Episode 4

The Vollies exhume John Mayor’s body, only to discover it’s not there after all. This leaves two questions, where is the body and what are the remains in the casket? Only Wade & Connie know for sure.

Episode 5

In a series of hastily held press conferences, Bryson and Dani trade public barbs about the disappearance of John Mayor’s body. Also joining in, the Police Chief, Fire Fest organizer Lil and Sponsor Mollie and Wade & Connie shill for the Bock buh Cock.

Episode 6

During one of the digging events at Fire Fest, the junior Fire Bugs make a chilling discovery. Will this mean the end of Bryson?

Episode 7

On a rainy windy night, The Vollies are left on call at The Fullies station while they attend the annual Fire Ball. When the power goes out, the gang has to figure out if the spooky tricks that are being played on them are Bryson… or something else.

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