Aww Shucks

Genre: Comedy

Steph, the mayor of Toronto By The Sea, holds a cooking competition to give away the town restaurant in hopes of attracting tourism back to the village after the Covid-19 pandemic. She expected superstar chefs to arrive, little does she know that her town rival, Harry James, has something more in store. Can Mayor Steph maintain control of this eccentric group of cooks or will she be eating crow?

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Episode One: This Town is a Bubble

In the hopes of boosting tourism, village mayor, Stephanie Wilkie, hosts a culinary competition to give away The Shuck Shack, the town’s defunct seaside restaurant. Optimistic, Mayor Steph accepts help attracting competitors from local eccentric Harry James. At least, she thinks he’s helping?

Episode Two: We Didn’t Start the Fire(work)

Through social media, we meet the competing chefs. They are a more peculiar group of cooks than the town council had imagined, but, “for the sake of the village”, Steph is willing to overlook a few quirky habits as Day One of the competition begins.

Episode Three: To Break an Omelette

With the competition underway, the chefs who made it through the first leg are aiming to impress with each of their unconventional and outlandish methods. The stakes are as high as the afternoon tide, and Mayor Steph is tasked with not only looking out for Toronto by the Sea’s well-being and future, but also tending to the egos and hearts of those around her.

Episode Four: Too Many Chefs (Spoil the Broth)

As the competition for The Shuck Shack nears its finale, plots and passions flare up all around! The remaining chefs' eccentric and unusual methods clash with some of the villager’s conventions, sparking excitement and even jealousy in the hearts of the crowd. What will happen when the winner is revealed?

Episode Five: They Lived Happily

The winner of the competition is revealed! And then revealed again, leaving everyone confused and hungry. Will the new chef be worthy of the keys to The Shuck Shack?

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