Roll with it

City: Atlantic
Producer: Sylvia Beirnes
Director: Jonathan Torrens
Genre: Comedy

Brian Elliot, a wheelchair-user with a business dream, is convinced that there’s only one way to get his hands on the start-up cash he so desperately craves - robbing his boss.

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Episode 1 - Brian’s Job

Brian is on his way to the bank for a last ditch effort to secure funding for his business startup, Roll With It, Inc. He finds himself back at his day-job at his aunt Peggy’s ex Berry’s furniture store wondering if he’ll ever escape.

Episode 2 - Berry’s Freezer

Darcy is hot under the collar and runs into Berry’s furniture demanding the payment he was promised for his arson attempt on Berry’s competitor. Fresh off being rejected by the bank, Brian is encouraged by Trudy not to give up on his business aspirations.

Episode 3 - Peggy’s Plan

Brian does some reconnaissance work at Berry’s and finds out Aunt Peggy’s hunch about cash on the premises is true. Peggy gathers Brian and Darcy to go through her detailed plan on robbing her ex and getting the money they all so desperately need.

Episode 4 - Trudy’s Surprise

Trudy takes care of some secretive business at the bank with Juan, the banker. Across town, Darcy and Peggy are packing bags in anticipation of the robbery.

Episode 5 - Darcy’s Shock

The heist is in motion. Peggy and Darcy have parked at the movie theatre to set up their alibi. At the house, Trudy informs Brian that she has secured funding for his business startup and wants to be partners.

Episode 6 - Brian’s Chance

It’s chaos as Peggy makes her way inside to distract Berry with some seductive dancing. Meanwhile, Trudy and Brian find Darcy in the back of the store and try to stop him from stealing bags of cash.

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