This is the Thing

City: Atlantic
Director: Tyler Schaafsma
Genre: Comedy

Mike and Tim are back for the second season of This Is The Thing! After being fired from the record store, the guys open one of their own. However, they quickly find out that running a store and balancing their dreams don’t always line up. Now it is time for them to enlist some help, avoid a cult, and hit the road in search of gigs and Portuguese Teal.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Mike and Tim, two 30-something record store employees in Hamilton experience some annoying regular customers and have a run in with Roadie Rick at the store. Musical performance by The Redhill Valleys.

Episode 2

Mike has two gigs in town on the same night and gets some good advice about his comedy career. Tim sees what the open mic scene is really like.

Episode 3

Mike and Tim try to record a video, but get fed up with some record store hipsters.

Episode 4

Ed the Sock messes with Mike and Tim, Terra Lightfoot saves the day after an in-store performance goes awry, and The Dirty Nil invite the guys to a secret show. Musical Performance by Terra Lightfoot.

Episode 5

Mike and Tim search the Cotton Factory for the secret show and find more than they bargained for. Mike gets a great opportunity. Word of Tim's YouTube cult expands to Hollywood. Musical Performance by Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Take This Job and Cram It

Mike and Tim are fired from the record store. Out of spite, they decide to open one of their own instead. The guys hold a job fair so they don’t need to work weekends, and are visited by an old friend.

Episode 2 - Interview with an Anne-pire

Mike and Tim interview the candidates from the job fair and Tim gets hungry and tries some hummus while being enticed to join a Strategy Triangle program.

Episode 3 - The Postman Always Honks Twice

Living the dream on the way to a road gig, Mike and the comics find their dream turning into a nightmare as Tim nearly gets burned.

Episode 4 - Running Up That Pyramid

Indigo’s cult has infiltrated the record store, but Tim turns the tables. Manolis abandons the comics for life on the farm after the road gig.

Episode 5 - My Aim Is Off

Mike and Tim leave Anne at the store in search of an elusive Portuguese Teal record, but learn that nothing is free.

Episode 6 - A Wolf in Red Shoes

Tim is left alone in the Wolf’s Den in pursuit of the Portuguese Teal. Mike gets a great gig offer and contemplates his future at the store.

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