Generation Kitchen

City: Kitchener
Director: Andy Hourahine
Starring: Polly Summerhayes
Genre: Food

Sweet, savory, spicy recipes and stories are discovered as millennial home-chef builds a new, generational cookbook from local, time-honored family specialties.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Polly welcomes fellow millennial, Janelle Carpenter, into the kitchen to recreate her father’s favorite butter tart recipe that she inherited from a grandmother she never met.

Episode 2

Christa Niravong shows Polly how to make homemade Chinese dumplings. This recipe is one that her family brought from their experience in a refugee camp in Laos to their new home in Canada.

Episode 3

Former Cambridge Mayor, Doug Craig, joins Polly in the kitchen to teach her how to make his family’s traditional Raspberry Cake. He also shares his story of going from foster care to becoming one of the city’s most beloved leaders.

Episode 4

Orphaned at birth, Colleen Brown worked hard to find her family roots and personal history. Her research uncovered a rich Mennonite history that she is rediscovering through cooking. In this episode, she shares a rhubarb butter cake with Polly.

Episode 5

Fizal Bacchus joins Polly in the kitchen to teach her his family’s Guyanese Curry Chicken. Once saved only for special occasions during his upbringing in Guyana, this recipe is now a regular meal that offers a taste of home.

Episode 6

Super-sweet grandmother, Oma Van Lieshout, whips up some apple pancakes with Polly. Oma shares the simple dish’s surprising backstory of survival and kindness from the German-occupied Netherlands in World War 2.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Angel Food Cake

Darryl Fletcher, better known as Chef D, has cooked for some of Canada’s biggest rockstars. In this premiere episode of Season 2, he joins Polly in the kitchen to teach her the dish that started in all – his family’s Angel Food Cake.

Episode 2 - Ackee and Salted Codfish

Nicky from the Caribbean Kitchen introduces Polly to the Jamaican National Dish, Ackee & Salted Cod Fish with Plantain & Avocado. This savory twist to any breakfast menu celebrates the rich and diverse culture of the Jamaican people.

Episode 3 - Coffee Masterclass

Polly dives into the intricate realm of coffee with Graham from Monigrams Coffee Roasters and opens her eyes to an abundance of choice and flavour in one of the world’s most popular beverages.

Episode 4 - Roadhouse Hamburger

Ernie’s Roadhouse is a legendary local establishment. Today, scratch cooking champ, Chef Rick, joins Polly to reveal some secrets behind his award winning burger.

Episode 5 - Authentic Guac

After moving to Canada from Mexico, Chef Erika found her family was missing a taste of home. She took up the challenge and recreated Mexican cuisine and now shares it with the world. Today, she shares her authentic Guacamole recipe with Polly.

Episode 6 - Accidental Vegan

Incredible local chef, Kerry Sobers, became a self-proclaimed “accidental vegan” when his love for food from Trinidad met with his desire to cook in a delicious and sustainable way. In this episode, he shows Polly how to make Trinidadian Pholourie.

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