Dean & Jean Make a Cooking Show

City: London
Director: Burman Lam
Genre: Food
Host: Dean Rainey & Nuchjana “Jean” Guntong

Dean is a headstrong Canadian TV producer and Jean is a strong-willed chef from Thailand. Together, they attempt to make a cooking show about Thai food. There's just one challenge: they're husband and wife. Follow Dean and Jean, in front and behind the cameras, as they navigate their egos, cultural differences, and their marriage to make a cooking show!

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Season 1

Episode 1 - PAD THAI

Jean attempts to teach Dean how to make Pad Thai, the national dish of Thailand.

Episode 2 - TOM YUM GOONG

Jean schools Dean on the world-famous and ancient Thai soup, Tom Yum Goong.


Tension flare when Dean realizes there are no mangoes to make Jean’s Mango with Sticky Rice.

Episode 4 - BBQ PORK NECK

Jean shows Dean how to grill BBQ Pork Neck, a Thai street food staple.


The show’s most outlandish co-host, Dean, meets Thailand most outlandish stir-fry: Pineapple Fried Rice.

Episode 6 - PAD KA POW

Jean attempts to teach Dean how to cook the Producer’s favourite Thai dish: Thai Basil with Beef (Pad Ka Pow)

Season 2

Episode 1 - Pad Ka Pow

Dean and Jean struggle to get on the same page as they cook up a dish that the Thai government considers authentically Thai.

Episode 2 - Fresh Spring Rolls

Much to Dean’s chagrin. Jean and director Burman decide to film the episode Thai-style: sitting on the floor. Then the plan changes, leaving Dean no choice but to ‘spring roll’ with it.

Episode 3 - Papaya Salad

Dean & Jean’s marriage and show come to a head. Should the show go on? It’s time to “pound sour” and Dean’s not taking any chances.

Episode 4 - Beef Laab

Dean grows worried as production on the episode is going too smoothly. But when it’s time to plate his beef laab, Dean doesn’t let us down.

Episode 5 - BBQ Fish

After Jean forgets the fish and with the crew losing light, Dean comes up with a plan to keep the production going.

Episode 6 - Cashew Chicken

Jean has had enough and leaves Dean to film this episode by himself. Dean now has no choice but to enlist director Burman to be his co-host.

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