Kitchen Traditions – Indigenous Style Cooking

City: Winnipeg
Genre: Food
Host: Melissa Brown

Hearty, savory, and flavourful recipes are shared, as host and chef Melissa Brown and her guests showcase a wide variety of traditional Indigenous cuisine.

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Episode 1 - Bison Soup & Fried Bannock

Join chef Melissa Brown as she teaches how to make a hearty dish of bison soup and fried bannock.

Episode 2 - Trout Cakes & Dill Sauce

Melissa talks with Elder Miss Una Swan, who shares her knowledge and helps make savoury trout cakes and dill sauce.

Episode 3 - Skewered Bison Strips & Salt-Fish Fritters

RRC Polytech’s Carla Kematch joins Melissa to make a flavourful plate of skewered bison strips and salt-fish fritters.

Episode 4 - Seared Salmon & Wild Rice

Melissa talks with RRC Polytech’s Carla Kematch about their childhoods and the importance of Indigenous food while making seared salmon and wild rice.

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