City: Quebec City
Producer: Jeff Denis
Genre: Food

Today's distillers must be inspired by a time when everything was still to be discovered; a time when a craftsman was the sentinel of decades of work and know-how. In Spirit, visit the distilleries and the people who created this unique atmosphere.

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Episode 1 - Lore & Legends

There are many important topics to discuss with Quebec distillers, such as responsible harvesting, the creation of fine alcohol that feeds on aromatics that grow in the city or in the wild, from alchemy to magical harvest. Martin Vaillancourt and Virgil of Lore & Legends explain how they reconnected with the past and how they managed to ward off the future by combining passion, urgency, relevance and necessity.

Episode 2 - Birster

The road we are about to travel is therefore not only defined as the specular reflection of hope for these craftsmen, but as a speculative reality. Philippe and Guillaume Birster meet with Baptiste Gissinger, who approaches the brothers without taboos in their entrepreneurial approaches.

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