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My Home Kitchen

Starring: Mark McCrowe
Genre: Food

Join chef Mark McCrowe as he guides you through a journey of making some deadly eats and tasty treats!

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Episode 1

Chef Mark McCrowe shows you how to make the perfect burger at home, with beef tallow crinkle cut fries and a malted milk shake, prepared in a true diner style.

Episode 2

Learn how to make chef Mark McCrowe's take on seafood linguini, cooked al fresco and served right on the beach.

Episode 3

Make every night noodle night. Chef Mark McCrowe shows you how to make mala beef udon noodles, local mushrooms, a homemade chili oil and a sesame-fried egg.

Episode 4

Chef Mark McCrowe heads to the great outdoors to show you how to cook a moose vindaloo with toutons, cardamom scented rice, and a chickpea cucumber salad.

Episode 5

Want to learn how to make the perfect steak at home? Chef Mark McCrowe shows you how, with a steak au poivre, mashed potatoes, onion rings, turnip greens and a red wine pan sauce.

Episode 6

Learn how to cook a legendary seafood boil with salsa Bay de Verde, oyster leaf drawn butter, and all the seafood you can dream of with Chef Mark McCrowe.

Episode 7

Chef Mark McCrowe takes you aboard the pineapple boat with panang chicken, prawn, and pineapple curry with jasmine rice.

Episode 8

Chef Mark McCrowe shows you how to make a seaside lunch of Vietnamese grilled scallops with a freshly made nuoc cham.

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