Gluten Free Like Me with Laura Lussier

City: Winnipeg
Producer: Kirby Hammond
Starring: Laura Lussier
Genre: Food

Gluten Free Like Me proves that gluten-free cooking is not only for people with celiac disease; it is for anyone who is interested in picking up ideas, tricks and tips for cooking without gluten. It also does not have to be complicated, but a fun process for you and your family and friends. From appetizers, desserts, mains, and sides – there are dishes for everyone to enjoy.

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Episode 1 - Appetizers

Appetizers are a crowd pleaser that you can have loads of fun with. Laura starts off with one that looks great and tastes even better: Layered Mediterranean Dip with three different gluten-free variations. Now you can stuff your face at the potluck and know that you’ll be safe doing it.

Episode 2 - Sides

Today’s episode is all about sides, and a meal would be incomplete without them. Laura shows how to make flavourful veggies, which are naturally gluten-free. She also whisks up a gluten-free dressing, perfect for any salad dish. Lastly, she prepares fluffy cloud buns – the perfect bread alternative.

Episode 3 - Mains

So many main dishes are traditionally full of gluten, especially comfort foods. In this episode, Laura starts with classic crispy fried chicken made gluten-free, and then finishing off with something a little bit more sophisticated, but incredibly easy - pecan & panko-crusted baked salmon.

Episode 4 - Desserts

There’s nothing better than a delicious dessert at the end of a meal. It can be difficult to find gluten-free options, but Laura has it covered. She bakes up flourless black bean brownies and mini cheesecakes, treats that everyone will love.

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