City: St. John's
Director: Mary Walsh
Starring: Andrew Tremblett & Stuart Simpson
Genre: Comedy

An over-zealous, over-ambitious and under-educated 34-year-old believes that he is the next reality TV superstar. Together with his hapless group of friends, he attempts to create the greatest TV show ever made, in hopes of selling it to the greatest TV platform readily available to him: Bell Fibe TV1.

To watch JackTV:

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Episode 1 - Jack of All Trades

Determined to produce a DIY home renovation reality television show, Jack drags his best friend JT to film on location at a dilapidated house. In their quest to become the next Property Brothers, these two emerging celebrity contractors uncover a sinister secret.

Episode 2 - Deadly Wicked

Jack is convinced that his Uncle Steve’s house is haunted and persuades JT to switch reality TV show gears. He attempts to get to the bottom of the paranormal activity while JT casually eats a whole large garlic fingers by himself.

Episode 3 - Pond Scars

In desperate need of more funding to create a proof-of-concept TV show, Jack agrees to help JT and his sister Shyanne to clean up his Pop-Pop’s garage. This snowballs into another reality television experiment, and Jack decides he wants to “pawn” everything off.

Episode 4 - Pimp My Side-By-Side

With help from Shyanne and Spitz, Jack turns Pop-Pop’s garage into a custom auto body shop. JT relishes in his minimum wage heroics at Bulk Bin, while Jack and the East Coast Customs crew “pimp” an old snowmobile.

Episode 5 - A-One-Of-A-Kind-Socially-Dynamic-Outdoor-Tribal-Based-Survival-Show with Challenges

Jack and his posse trek into the woods to help film what he calls “A-One-Of-A-Kind-Socially-Dynamic-Outdoor-Tribal-Based-Survival-Show with Challenges”. Upon arrival at the location, they are surprised to find out Jack has bamboozled them.

Episode 6 - Sizeable Brother

Jack’s reality television dream starts to become reality when he and his friends isolate themselves inside his mom’s swanky house. JT, Shyanne and Spitz are all eager to compete for a promised $10,000 cash prize but tensions between Jack and JT begin to boil over.

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