King & Pawn - Poster

King & Pawn

Director: Taylor Olson
Starring: Reid Price
Genre: Comedy

When a clueless burnout inherits his father’s failing and seedy pawnshop, he’ll have to take command over a staff of dimwitted, misfit employees and turn the shop around before it’s forced to close forever.

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Episode 1 - What the Frack

After being left his estranged father’s fledgling pawnshop, Rhett McManus is met head-on by chaos and thrown into the midst of a decades-old rivalry against competitor Maggie Rollins. Rhett’s first customer turns out to be more than she appears, causing a need for quick cash that will take a special scheme to solve.

Episode 2 - Too Hot to Haggle

In a desperate attempt to refill the stores’ shelves, Rhett, Allen, and Holden head to the storage locker auctions – ending up in a bidding war with Maggie and Eliza. When Norma Jean is informed of a lien against the store, it’ll take a miracle of a find to fend off a hungry loan shark.

Episode 3 - The Fun Never Ends

On the day Norma Jean finally hits the jackpot, a surprise guest from Rhett’s past brings the King & Pawn an influx of increasingly violent visitors and an unwanted police presence.

Episode 4 - Father, Son, & Holy Heck

With all fires under control, Rhett seizes the opportunity to go on a romantic double date with Holden and Allen closely in tow. A chance reintroduction leads to Maggie and Xan becoming unlikely allies against the King & Pawn.

Episode 5 - Just Roll with It

With the crew locked out of the King & Pawn, Eliza takes Norma Jean, Allen, and Holden into the lion’s den in a daring heist to drum up much-needed bail money. Rhett meets Maggie’s jailbird husband – and finds himself again thrust between a rock and a hard place.

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