Brit Out of Water

City: Atlantic
Director: Adam Lordon
Starring: James Mullinger
Genre: Comedy

Famous British comedian James Mullinger is forced to quit comedy and relocate his family to his wife’s hometown in rural New Brunswick. Once there, the family’s fresh start is promptly interrupted as James’ quirky neighbors convince him to headline the local Rotary fundraiser behind his wife’s back. Will the show come together or will the local comedy “mafia” spoil the fun and ruin the big night?

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Episode 1 - Arrival

British Comedian James Mullinger promises during a mid-show rant that if Brexit happens, he will quit comedy and leave the UK. Shortly after, James and his family arrive in Riversville in rural New Brunswick. His new neighbour Doris needs a comedian to fill in for the upcoming Annual Rotary fundraiser and asked James to be a part of it.

Episode 2 - Settling in

Danny and Doris negotiate the terms of James’ contract over breakfast. Danny is all too eager to play hardball with Doris and the rotary club for more money to impress James. Sam heads out for her first day of work and leaves James a list of chores.

Episode 3 - Wardrobe

James and Danny review wardrobe options and decide James should get a new outfit for the big show. Later at the thrift store they bump into Doris who gives them fundraiser tickets to sell. Instead, they give away the tickets and must do odd jobs to pay for them.

Episode 4 - Warm-up Show

James asks Danny to arrange a warm-up show and Danny secures the coveted mid-afternoon timeslot at the local nursing home. With Sam at work, Doris must babysit the boys, and is all too happy to put them to work helping with the custom centerpieces for the Rotary Fundraiser.

Episode 5 - Press Junket

Sam wants to enjoy some time with James, who must get her out the door quickly to begin his whirlwind day of promotions for the upcoming show. After a round of interviews, James is confronted by the NB Comedy Mafia, who have uncovered his reason for moving to Riversville.

Episode 6 - The Annual Rotary Fundraiser

The big day is here and Danny obsessively puts the finishing touches in place for his star. James apologizes to Sam who needs time to process his betrayal. The NB Comedy Mafia ambush the event and expose James’ secret to the whole town.

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