Chef on Fire

City: Atlantic
Genre: Food
Host: Chef Michael Smith

Chef on Fire focuses on one of Canada’s most exciting culinary destinations - The Inn at Bay Fortune - located off the gentle shores of Prince Edward Island. Join host, owner and celebrity Chef Michael Smith as he takes viewers behind-the-scenes of his culinary farm and the legendary daily feast, cooked exclusively over a dozen live fires.

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Episode 1 - Breaking Bread

Chef Michael Smith gives us an overview of a day at the Inn at Bay Fortune and what it means to be their ‘authentic best’. His old school techniques inspire his talented team of farmers and chefs, including his baker, Kenya as she demonstrates her passion for heritage bread.

Episode 2 - The Charcoal Apprentice

Chef Michael Smith has a new passion: charcoal. He reveals his technique for making his own charcoal and shows off the searing heat from the world’s best. We’ll meet Danielle, a rookie chef with a new love for charcoal cooking before an old friend pays Chef Michael Smith a visit.

Episode 3 - Oyster Rock

Meet Dennis McNally, a local Oyster farmer and learn what harvesting oysters for the Inn at Bay Fortune entails. Chef Michael Smith reviews the colossal amount of shucking that goes on every day, highlighting their signature method: ember roasted oysters with love butter.

Episode 4 - Earth and Fire

Chef Michael Smith and his head farmer Kevin take a deep dive into their daily operations of running a sustainable vegetable farm. Farmer Kevin takes us on his daily farm tour where deeper connections are made between guests and the food they’re about to eat.

Episode 5 - Low and Slow

Chef Michael Smith tackles the delicate art of smoking brisket and salmon. Chef Adrianna takes us through the steps of smoking brisket before Chef Michael Smith gives us a lesson on hot smoking salmon. When the guests show up it becomes clear the flavor was worth the wait.

Episode 6 - A Festive Feast

Chef Michael Smith visits a local pig farmer and distillery before making pizza for his annual holiday party.

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